It’s summer. What do you have in mind this summer? Do you plan to head over to someplace nearby? Or are you planning on going cross-state? Or do you plan to go overseas? Whatever you have in mind, the important question is: ‘How prepared are you for this summer trip?’ Do you have all that you need?

Are you prepped to travel with all the necessities? Have you prepared for all major outcomes? What else do you need? Or have you overpacked, making your bag heavy? Well, you may wonder, “Why so many questions?” That is because all of these questions will be addressed in this article.

This article is specially and specifically designed to help you pack all that you need for a summer trip. So before we dive into what you need to pack, let us first go through the basic guidelines:

1. Do not carry too much and do not carry too less (missing out on the essentials that will be listed down below).

2. Pick the right bag for the right activity. If you are going to go on a short trek, opt for a backpack. If you plan to go to the beach, carry a shoulder bag. If you plan to travel extremely light with only the basics (like your wallet, mobile phone, some breath mints, and other small stuff), go for the fanny pack.

3. It is important that you pack things based on the activity you are going to get involved in; ensuring that everything is water-proof in case of water or wet activities, and avoiding food items if you plan to go on jungle walks or anywhere with open, uncaged wildlife, especially monkeys.

That’s about all. And most important of all, have fun backpacking! Now let us jump into the top 10 most important Beach Bag essentials!

1. Waterproof wet bag
The waterproof wet bag helps to avoid getting the other belongings of your bag wet or sandy. Awesome brands include Vepson, Vmore or TOUA. Plus, the waterproof wet bag is reusable and helps replace the usage of plastic bags.

2. Water bottle

Stay hydrated! Especially during summer! Beat the heat and stay reinvigorated with your water bottle. It’s not easy or cheap to get drinking water at the beach, so you might want to bring your water! Go for the Indi tradition Drink and Miss water bottle!

3. Sunscreen lotion
Say bye to sunburns with a SPF sunscreen lotion, if your skin is extremely sensitive you can also opt for fresh aloe vera gel.

4. Wet wipes
You might never know when wet wipes may come in handy. But they are most useful if you can’t find any freshwater to wash the stickiness off after a long bath in the beach. Check out good wet wipes.

5. Towel
A towel is a must if you are heading to a beach. A towel can be used to wipe yourself after a bath or it can double back as a mat to lie down on the sand.

6. Crushable hats
Crushable hats: foldable, flexible and undoubtedly crushable; i.e., easy to carry and light to wear!

7. Shades
Look cool and feel cool, literally. Sunglasses are a must for any beach trip, no matter the season.

8. Small waterproof pouch
A small waterproof pouch helps to store valuables, like wallets, loose cash or change, mobile phone, and camera, safely.

9. Extra change of clothes
Unless you plan on going back home in your wet clothes.

10. Inflatable beach ball
Because carrying an inflatable beach ball gives you an opportunity to enjoy and explore all the fun beach games.

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