Located in the Northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia is a small south pacific island called Bora Bora. Widely known for scuba-diving and luxurious bungalows rested over the water on stilts, this place calls for a big shout out. The island is surrounded by sand-fringed motus and a turquoise lagoon which makes for a spectacular view.

This place may not be on the top or even in the list of tourists and travelers but it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit. From lush greeneries and blue water to sightseeing and water-based activities, this place has everything to offer. When in Bora Bora, you may never run out of things to do here.

There are many major attractions to visit here, but we have listed 5 best places that you can not miss out on exploring.



When in bora bora, diving in crystal clear water is a must especially when you get a chance to encounter manta rays. They all vary in sizes from small to big, this place has it all. Usually, manta rays are very friendly to interact with, and if lucky enough you will be getting all the cuddles from them. Also, what makes diving the best in here is its white sandy bottom and the amazing marine life. You may also get a chance to encounter small sharks, but they usually like to maintain distance from people.



Enveloped with blue water and lush greenery, Mount Otemanu is a remnant of an ancient volcano rising to a height of 727m. It not only offers some picture-worthy spectacular views but also makes for a great hiking place. If you are planning on hiking over the peak, you may need a guide to sort you through the trails in the jungle so that you don’t end up getting lost or something. Reaching its peak doesn’t seem to be quite possible, but you can successfully hike up to the height of its shoulders. And it’s recommended that you remain in your healthiest state in order to complete the hike.
After completing the hike you can stop by to witness a beautiful sunset in the evening.



It is indeed one of the most beautiful beaches you can ever visit. It has the largest public access in bora bora. Hence, is highly popular amongst tourists. From swaying palm trees to sandy white shores lapped by a tropical lagoon, this place is truly a paradise. If you are looking forward to spend your day in tranquility, then this beach is the perfect spot for you to soak in some sun and enjoy the lush greenery alongside tropical blue lagoon. Here you can also enjoy easy snorkeling and all the shoreside restaurants, shops eateries, etc.



If you are a water baby and like to explore the marine life and aquatic animals, then this place is just for you. A man-made lagoon is a perfect spot to visit during a day outing. You can choose to snorkel, swim or even sit aside the shore to witness all the aquatic life, under the direction of your guide. You can get a chance to swim and feed the different varieties of aquatic animals like fishes, turtles, rays, etc. and if you are gutsy enough you can have a close encounter with sharks too. You can also enjoy traditional barbecue lunch and canoe when in lagoonarium.



This picture-perfect spot is a must to visit. Located at the southern point of the barrier reef, this place has a lot to offer in terms of aquatic marine life and beautiful unusual purple corals.
You can easily witness a variety of aquatic animals like sharks, fishes, rays, etc. and also colorful sponges and corals. If you don’t prefer diving in here, you can opt for canoe to take you through the beautiful lagoon.

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