Whether you’re a seasoned trekker, wildlife enthusiast, thrill-seeker, or recreational yearner, Canada fills in every box. The world’s second-largest country (by area) is quite a tourist hotspot and for all the good reasons it offers to the world’s traveler. Brimming with uncanny natural scenery, unique culture, sizzling and delectable cuisine and brewery, the world-class Rocky Mountains, friendly locals, vast cultural diversity, pristine beaches, photogenic landscapes, and some of the most phenomenal spots, Canada definitely can’t be overlooked.

Though you might find Canada quite a travel buzz, with hoards of traffic dripping every year nevertheless one cannot underrate visiting Canada. The country is packed with surprises that will etch your mind with an indelible lifetime experience. Home to Eighth Wonder of the Earth, infinite number of fun and exciting activities-ice fishing, pond hockey, skating, skiing, hitching the Northern Lights, snowboarding, and dogsledding the menu is quite vast, big and unique cities, Canada is Avant-Grade traveler’s choice.

If you need more convincing, here we have listed 5 reasons that will compel you to pin Canada as your next tourist destination, if you haven’t done that yet.


European Vibe In North America

Visiting Europe is deemed to be quite an expensive affair and that’s in fact true. But, when to Canada you can surely add that European vibe to your kitty. Quebec is an exceptionally distinctive place in Canada. Quebec is known as the only French Speaking Canadian province. So, visiting Quebec feels like wandering in a European city but actually, you are in North America. You can witness a glimpse of European architecture all around, cobblestone streets, and a plethora of charming spots, and parks giving this North American slice a perfect European Flavor.


Photogenic Nature-scapes

The Canadian natural wonders are a true inspiration to plan a Canadian vacay. This slice of the world is bestowed with unspoiled and breathtaking nature that can seriously plunge you to book your flights. More than 90% of the country is blessed with untouched and raw nature- an extraordinarily natural experience in your way. Lake Louise- world famous and its beauty seem as if photoshopped, Moraine Lake- even more picturesque neighbor with a fewer crowd, Niagara Falls- we don’t think it needs any introduction and the aerial image is just phenomenal, Cape Auget- miles of stunning coastline, Waterton- the small town seems otherworldly, Yellowknife- a hotspot for the Northern Lights, and the list goes on. No matter how many Canadian trips you take, you’ll be still with a lot to explore.


Cultural Diversity

Canada has been a welcoming spot for all and the rich Canadian History speaks that. With such a unique blend of culture from all around, Canada has the highest-percentage of Foreign-born citizens than any other country. You can spot people in Canada from different cultural backgrounds and that makes the country peculiar. Such a diverse culture makes Canada worth visit at least once in life.


Delectable Gastronomy

Extending your taste buds to all-new different flavors and dishes is the highest perk of travelling. And with such a huge cultural diversity, the Canadian platter is full of different flavors. Every corner serves you with a delectable gastronomy that you can turn down. Food is quite a good reason to travel Canada.


Unique Cities

Home to world’s most unique cities and surprisingly the Canadian cities are the most familiar cities known to a vast number of the global audience say to be Vancouver- where the ocean meets the mountains, Toronto- a student hub, Montreal- the old town vibe, Niagara Falls- a perfect honeymoon destination, Victoria- the charming harbor city, Quebec city- renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, Calgary- keeps the Old West Spirit alive, and the list goes on.

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