Are you looking to taste the best of Asian cuisines? Do you prefer quality over sophistication? Yes, you are just at the right place because you will be looking at the most promising destination for your taste, Japan, a gem in the Asia Pacific. The land of cherry blossoms and chiseled modern economy. But apart from that, Japan is also rich in food heritage. The value of culture and integrity ooze out of the things that they make.
There is an enormous amount of manufactured or natural items here that are quite praiseworthy and have immense value for money. So, here are the top 6 things you would want to take home after a trip to this island.

Things from japan you will get back home

1. Sencha Tea

Sencha is the Japanese Green Tea for you. It is one of the best drinks you can get for your health-conscious self. It helps lose weight effectively and gives you antioxidants in full measure if you choose to consume a cup daily. This green tea has all the right nutrients brimming for you. For people struggling with inflammation in the body and not sure what to start, this is would be a great initiative.
If you are from the other hemisphere, you know the hype for green tea, but Sencha is a level beyond!

2. Quality Knives

The cook within you would be overjoyed to get hold of one of these knives. These come with an irresistible sharpness that the professionals look for, exactly. The knives narrate the Japanese kitchen convention that is dictated by the delicate treatment of fine meats and vegetables, which is why the knives deliver such precision. This will also speak to you about the passion of Asian culture for their culinary skills.

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Why be in Japan and not get a pair for yourself? After all, you can’t find chopsticks this authentic elsewhere! These can also be customized and be as visually appealing as you want them to be, made out of stainless steel or wood or both. Also, you can gift a pair to a close friend who is as passionate about Japanese food as you are so that you two can slurp Japanese foods together, loudly.
A very Asian concept of having food, in moderation.

4. Ceramics


Japanese ceramic culture is an ancient one and it is for this very reason, that the manufacturing is pretty diversified. There are many types to choose from. But all in all, all of them make a great tool for beautifying our homes, be it cups, bowls, vases, etc. Ceramic cups, especially, have an absolute glossy finish with fine designs painted over them. The grainy clay texture stands out.

5. Bento Box

Bento Box

When in Japan, don’t forget the native’s love for their food bowls. When out of Japan, take some with you. Bento boxes are commonly used as meal prep boxes these days by people who are becoming thoughtful of their food choices and measurement. This compact box is creatively made for people of all ages and has a few sections in them to incorporate foods of different textures, separately.
The Tiffin box concept goes Asian!

6. Noren Curtain

Noren curtains might be a confusing concept for westerners for curtain things do their thing for them already. Noren was built for Japanese homes, protecting them from dust, rain, and excess sunlight. The cloth piece is usually sen hung outside restaurants here and there. Count it as a significant part of their etiquette. This also signifies the place where it is hung. You can add this above your kitchen countertop or near your kitchen windows to get the vibe!
Here were the Japanese products for your home that are prominently loved across the world for their premium quality and hence a reassuring delivery. Though, the trip is sure to be a fulfilling one, as you go through this westernized side of Asia-Pacific. There are plenty of things to explore and to choose from but the things dedicated to cooking culture have undoubtedly achieved state-of-the-art finesse in perfect texture and balance that is rare. So, these 6 things will help you understand the complexity of Asia Pacific culture well enough, beginning from the home!

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