Gymming is a break from an inactive and repugnant lifestyle for many. You sweat a lot, you meet a lot of people with different levels of enthusiasm, many with whom you share your body goals and energy. You feel super hungry post-workout. Your body learns to adapt to weight training and regular exercising regimes. Once you decide on what is your goal and decide to join as a first-timer, you may be faced with the dilemma as to what things you’ll need there. Worry not, as we take you through a list of 6 things that you should take with you there.

1. Water Bottle

You may anticipate that you may not need that much water or you can easily skip drinking water for an hour. Stop right there, hydration is important and no matter how much you drank pre-workout, you will need to quench your thirst time and again throughout your workout. The thirst will only go up as you get used to the routine, meaning you will get thirstier. Especially during high-intensity exercises. So, you’ll need a water bottle of your own and avoid sharing it with anyone.

2. Towel and Sanitizer

Carrying your towel for when you are sweating a lot is a big yes. It will ensure your hygiene standards aren’t compromised because you are at a public place where many people use the same equipment/mat. Unknowingly you share innumerable amounts of microbes with 20 different people at the same time. Wipe off your sweat and make sure that the equipment is sanitized after every use. Your towel will help you in other ways as well. When you are lifting weight and can’t grip properly, when the seat isn’t fixed comfortably or when you need a cushion, a towel will be your buddy. Keep a sanitizer handy and repeat usage once you are done.

3. Toiletry

Headed to work right after the gym? Or looking forward to a spa day? Always have ready toiletry in a locker for times when you need to freshen up yourself or otherwise and your sanitary products to save your day. On the days when you sweat a lot and you need to change or feel the need to take bath, you’ll thank yourself for carrying essential items.

4. Quick Snack

A pre-workout and post-workout snack is an important item of your gymming routine and you can not afford to miss it. Your pre-workout snack, especially, serves you some energy to get started with a full-fledged workout. You must be told not to ever skip it or you’ll land into more trouble. Pack in your favorite protein bar or fruit every day and go in there motivated, embrace the change, and reward yourself. Quick snack has to be healthy, not junk.

5. Extra Pair of Gym Wear

We stretch a lot in gym/yoga and certain movements may result in mishaps (unanticipated tear), or your T-shirt might get too sweaty to continue working out in it. It is always smart to pack in an extra pair of clothes for replacement. Also, if it’s your spa day afterward or you’re needed somewhere immediately after your gym class’s over, you’ll require your proper clothing packed too.

6. Muscle Relaxant tablets/creams

Weight training can get strenuous and many times we miss focus and incorrectly perform an exercise and hurt a muscle. Muscles might feel too sore, tightened-up muscles might be restricting your movement greatly thereafter or a simple muscle pull can become a big hindrance in your workout. This calls for medical intervention and might put you in bed for days. Nevertheless, anything that serves the purpose of quick relief can healthily and naturally help you recover (only take upon a doctor’s advice).

Besides this, always have your phone so that when you need to reach out to someone in case of a medical emergency, you are not stranded. Do the hard work but don’t miss the necessary. Enjoy the step you are taking in the direction of transforming yourself but do not ignore never ignore the risks. It’ll demand a lot of focus, strength, and willpower to accomplish your sets every day without a miss.

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