Nowadays, with the world’s competitive spirit getting into full swing, there is so little scope for relaxation. Most that people can think of is the cinema. But after a point, even that gets boring. Are you bored? Do you want to do something awesome this summer? Do you feel the urge to let off all that pent up steam? Are you expecting to spend time somewhere exotic? Somewhere with beaches and forests. Somewhere not a metropolitan city. Somewhere peaceful and scenic. Somewhere away from the usual routine of life. Where on Earth can one find such a place? And can it be within a budget, i.e not too expensive?

Thailand is a really awesome place to spend one’s vacation alone, with friends or with family. The people are friendly and respectful. The locations are scenic. Thai food is amazing if your tongue can tolerate the strong flavours of Thai food. The land is also peaceful. There is so much scope to have fun and spend a relaxing vacation in Thailand. But the best place to experience both is Chon Buri.

Chon Buri forms Thailand’s eastern province. Pattaya and Bangkok are well known for their beaches, night-life and malls. But Chon Buri is very much different from them. It places greater importance towards preserving culture and tradition. It is very easy to miss out on Chon Buri as a large portion of the tourist population always targets Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Hence Chon Buri is relatively a tourism blind spot. So what can one do at Chonburi? Don’t worry, we have got that part figured out. So just sit back, relax and scroll through our list of top ‘7 insane Stuff to do at Chon Buri, Thailand’. All that you need to do is book the next flight to Thailand, as soon as possible! You don’t want to miss out on the warm summer climate there!

Long Neck Karen Village:

Near Chon Buri is a tribal village booming with tourists every year to see the long neck tribal women. The Long Neck Karen tribal women wear lots of gold rings around their neck, starting from their birth. As the number of rings piles up, their neck increases in height. These people were originally from Burma. One can also buy amazing handicrafts and souvenirs there. There are 2 experiences that one can obtain on visiting Long Neck Karen Village:
A. The chance to capture the aesthetic beauty of the Long Neck Karen Tribal women.
B. The chance to experience a simple tribal life.

Koh Lan:
It is a coral island accessible via Pattaya. The island is famous for its shallow water, amazing for swimming, and sunset.

Khao Khiao Open Zoo:

An open zoo that houses about 300 species of animals and also hosts night safaris; a treat for young ones.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden:
Prepare for the weird. This garden is not recommended for small children and the faint of heart. It is a bizarre garden with various demonic statues that each depicts the punishment associated with a specific sin, according to Buddhism.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden:

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is very beautiful and ideal for couples. Many aspiring artists and photographers should visit this garden for inspiration. The garden is very picturesque, especially in the morning.

Nong Mon Market:
This is an amazing place to buy exotic tropical fruits and street food, especially seafood. Foodies cannot afford to miss out on this place.

The Beaches:
There are 4 really amazing beaches to visit in and near Chon Buri. They are:
A. Bang Saen beach,
B. Jomtien beach,
C. Naklua beach and
D. Pattaya beach

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