New Year 2022 is getting closer and with the start of the new year, new resolutions and plans are being made. New Year is one of the most awaited times and people try to enjoy this time as much as they can. They spend time with their loved ones by either hosting dinners, parties or planning trips around the globe to enjoy this time of the year. One of the best ways to start the New Year is by celebrating it in a new place with people you love. You can enjoy different kinds of New Year parties and countdowns depending on where you are celebrating it.

If you are planning to celebrate the coming New Year in a new beautiful place, look at this list to get to know about some of the famous and stunning destinations. These destinations are known for the way they celebrate New Year and how beautiful these places look at this time of the year.

Venice, Italy

One of the most beautiful places to spend your holidays is Venice. This place is such a picture-perfect place. With the alluring canals and magical architecture, this can be one of the best places to spend some time with family and enjoy the New Year. This place holds so many New Year parties and events for you to enjoy and get entertained. You can enjoy a lavish dinner while rowing through the canals. This place has so many beautiful and astonishing views that leave you mesmerized. You will thoroughly enjoy your time here in Venice celebrating the start of a new year. Enjoy the performances in Opera house, visit theatres and galleries, performances by different artists, and the alluring fireworks that mark the beginning of new a year.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai offers so much to its people and its visitors. You can see so many events happening during this time of the year. You can watch the famous and astonishing fireworks that are on display when the clock strikes 12. The famous water show at the Dubai Fountain is something you cannot miss when in Dubai. Plan a trip to this magical place and enjoy different events to start the New Tear. Book a table at a restaurant near the fountain and enjoy the breath-taking view while enjoying the delicious food. You can even enjoy a lavish dinner while cruising around the place.

Paris, France

The city of love and lights has to be on the list of places you can visit with your family this New Year. You can visit this place either with your family or just with your partner. This place has such a beautiful romantic aura to it that makes the holidays and festive season altogether more beautiful and enjoyable. Go out and enjoy the alluring view of the Eiffel tower, enjoy the nightlife here in Paris where you can go to different clubs and parties when you are here during the holidays. You can watch breathtaking perform aces by different talented artists and have a delicious dinner at any rooftop restaurant in Paris.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another magical place to enjoy and celebrate the start of a new year is Amsterdam. This place is so stunning and magical and has so much to offer to its visits. Here you can visit the public squares that hold so many different parties and events that are free to the public and anyone can enjoy the celebrations there. You can even enjoy fresh beer from the beer tents that provide amazing beer with live entertainment. Amsterdam has so many different places where you can enjoy an elegant and pleasant time having dinner, going to parties and what nor. You can also enjoy the light festival that happens here where the roads and canals are lit up with beautiful lights making the whole place look magical and alluring.

These places are one of the best places to spend and celebrate New Year. Enjoy the events that take place in these and celebrate the time with your family and friends. These places provide such a wonderful and delightful experience for everyone that visits these places. You can plan a trip to one of these places or some other place of your choice and celebrate New Year’s Eve with joy and fireworks. If you have not yet planned anything for the New Year, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip with your family and have fun this holiday season.

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