Canada is known for the lakes and beautiful scenery but apart from the lakes and mountains, the country also has some interesting dishes, some of which are gained popularity across the globe. There are so many dishes that are delicious and you must try them when you are here in Canada. Any trip to any place is incomplete without trying the authentic, traditional, or famous dishes of the place. Therefore when you are in Canada you have to try some of the country’s traditional dishes to complete your trip. Canada is a huge country and you cannot travel the whole country at once but you can always plan a trip to the places you want to travel to and enjoy there.

We provide you with a list of food that you can try when you are in the country.
1: Poutine

Poutine is one of the most famous dishes that are not only famous in Canada but all across the world. This is one healthy meal made with just some simple ingredients. You get some crispy fresh french fries and load them with cheese curd and gravy. This is the classic version of the dish, you can add other ingredients to this dish to make it to your liking. The most common added ingredients are pork, bacon, meat, jalapenos, and some bell peppers. You must try this renowned dish that Canada is famous for when you are in Canada.
2: Butter Tarts

This is a sugary-sweet dish that is addictive and you can never have enough of. If you have a sweet tooth then you should try this dessert. This is a sweet and cute dish made with flaky pastry shells that are given the shape of tart and then are filled with sweet-filled butter, sugar, and egg. This buttery, flaky and sweet dish is something you would love and want to have when you are out of the country.
3: Saskatoon berry pie

Another sweet dish that you should try when you are in Canada has to be saskatoon berry pie. This pie has a sweet and almond taste to it. This pie is made with a flaky crust which is then filled with sweet and flavorful berry filling. Eat this fresh with a scope of vanilla ice cream. This is a beautiful and delicious dish that you must try when you are in Canada. Saskatoon means red berries thus the name of the dish and also the name of the city of saskatoon, which was more or less named after the dish.
4: Montreal style smoked meat

This is a flavourful dish that is a result of the hard work hours. This dish is made by salting and curing the beef brisket for some days with loads of spices and then it is smoked and steamed to make the famous Montreal-style smoked meat. This meat is then served in sandwiches and even as a topping on poutine. You can make a hearty sandwich with this flavorful meat. Some restaurants are famous for this smoked meat. Do try this when you are in Canada.
5: Unique flavored chips

The world has a lot of unique flavors of chips, the list goes on. Similarly in Canada too, you can find some unique and weird flavors that are only famous here. You have to try some of these chips and have a new experience. They have ketchup chips, poutine flavor chips, dill pickles and so many more. You have to try some of the unique chips and other snacks that are famous and unique here.

Food always makes things better, and these delicious traditional Canadian food can easily make your trip better. You can try other dishes that are not on the list and make your trip a fun-filled and exciting one. All you need to do is to research all the famous and traditional dishes that are famous in Canada before your trip and try to find where can you have them. You can also talk to some locals as they can provide you with some more detailed knowledge about the best restaurants and eateries in the area to have your meals. Have delicious food in Canada.

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