The most adventurous thing to do in a lifetime is backpacking. You can do it alone as well as with your friends but you must do it at least once! There is a lot of excitement, fun, anxiety, and nervousness around this one. With so many contrasting emotions, it becomes imperative to double-check everything and pack accordingly. This backpacking trip could be your dream journey or it could turn out to be your worst nightmare if you do not make your choices with a clear mind. We are here to let you know the most basic yet significant things bout backpacking that you probably already know but do not value. These tips will make your trip the most memorable one and we guarantee you that. Have a look and embark on this incredible journey!

Never pack your entire wardrobe

So the deal with backpacking is that you have a reasonably medium-sized bag that you are supposed to carry all by yourself. This backpack of yours usually remains on your back and so, you must always keep it as light as you can be. Although you are going backpacking so all the necessities are supposed to be put in this bag. The catch is to have only those necessities in the bag and not the entire wardrobe. This is because the weight of the bag will pull you back from the adventure. The sole reason you are backpacking is thrill and adventure and if you carry too much weight, it will tire you, thus spoiling every bit of the trip.

Weather Checklist

This one is usually underestimated but actually makes a lot of difference. This is because once you are traveling, you might experience a lot of things that were not even a part of your thought process in the first place. Sudden downpours or snowing can come to you as more of a shock and less of a surprise. Imagine planning the whole trek in advance and suddenly, it starts raining. You will spoil your mood and the entire trip as well. So it is important to have an idea of the weather conditions at the time you are traveling. You should also check the best time to travel to that particular place. What activities are prevalent in what weather conditions- this should also be researched and then planned accordingly.

Research the basic culture of your destination

Whatever place you are traveling to, make sure that you know some things about it prior. This is imperative because sometimes the language and culture of a place is so diverse that one finds it difficult to communicate and survive. So, it is advised to always have an idea of the place you are going to. Research on the web or talk to your friends and relatives who might have been to that particular place before. Doing this process will not harm you and instead, it will help you have a better experience of the place. The local dialect, cuisines, places to stay, ongoing events- everything should be looked upon.


Download maps and GPS

Traveling to a new place brings along excitement as well as anxiety. If you are traveling to a place that you have no idea about, then you must always keep a map handy with you in the backpack. The last thing you would want to do on a trip is to get lost on the roads and city streets. So, it is advised to always make sure that you have offlined maps downloaded on your phone just in case wifi doesn’t work. You can also take the old school way and carry maps with you. That is even better because then you don’t have to worry about whether you have wifi or not. Just follow the map and explore all the destinations that you had pre-planned in your mind.

Pack handy meals for yourself

Backpacking is an exciting but tiring journey. You will have to stay in tents amidst the penetrating jungles. There could be zero access to the outside world. There could also be no availability of food so it is important to pack some stuff that will tame your hunger in no time. Food is something that is available in so many packings nowadays that you can easily a lot of edible stuff which could last for a long time. Try to bring packed food or nuts and seeds. You can also carry greek yogurt and other petite snacks that are light in weight but high in calories. They will satisfy your hunger and will not take too much space in your backpack as well.

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