Noted for its incredibly beautiful beaches boasting pink sand and turquoise water, Bermuda is a perfect holiday destination for all the beach bums out there. Bermuda’s beaches do a lot more than just look pretty all the time. Every beach has something unique and interesting to offer to visitors. From snorkeling and scuba diving to swimming and other water-based activities, there are multiple ways to enjoy your time on the beach regardless of whether you are visiting alone or with your family.

The pink-sand beaches on the island aren’t just about gorgeous views, many of them are equipped with all kinds of amenities, bars, and some of them also offer easy access to reefs. Every beach on the island has a different and lovely experience to offer, with each one worth visiting, exploring, and of course, lounging on the soft pink sand.
Read on as we take you through some of the best beaches to visit in Bermuda for an unforgettable experience.

Clearwater Beach

Once inaccessible to travelers, Clearwater Beach is now open to the public. Initially used by the U.S. Navy, Clearwater beach is perhaps the best beach to visit in Bermuda. This manmade beach is a quiet and off-the-beaten-path destination that will leave you completely mesmerized. Other than offering spectacular views and natural wonders, the beach is also an ideal destination for watersports like kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc. But if you simply want to lounge on the beach, you can easily rent a chair and umbrella to spend some time in solitude surrounded by nothing but natural beauty. You can also visit Turtle Bay, which is located right next to Clearwater Beach. This place is best known for its sea turtles that feed on underwater plants.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in Bermuda. It is a popular spot for a dip and is visited by beachgoers in huge numbers every year. And no matter how crowded it gets here, you will always be able to find yourself a good spot granting the beach is extremely large. Additionally, the beach offers all kinds of amenities, right from a fully-stocked bar and amazing restaurant to shops selling essentials and rental places, there’s everything you will possibly need on the beach. Other than soaking in the beauty of the beach, you can also indulge in a little fun and adventure by trying out different watersports.

Warwick Long Bay Beach

Situated on the island’s southern coast, Warwick Long Bay Beach is easily one of the most stunning beaches you will find on the island. Boasting over half a mile of sandy beach and turquoise waters, Warwick Long Bay Beach is the perfect place to walk the trails while taking in the immense beauty the beach and the surrounding area have to offer. Unlike other beaches on the list, you may not be able to find all sorts of amenities here, there may be a few vendors selling snacks on some occasions, but other than that, the beach doesn’t really come with different amenities, therefore, plan your trip accordingly.

Elbow Beach

Whether you are looking for some privacy or luxury, there’s no other beach that meets your needs perfectly than Elbow Beach. Elbow Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches to visit in Bermuda. Other than exploring a section of the beach open to the public, you can also get access to a private beach by getting a day pass, you will also be provided with a sun lounger and umbrella.

Church Bay Beach

Church Bay Beach is yet another amazing destination to explore in Bermuda. This beach is especially popular among snorkelers as it offers access to a large reef with a facility to rent snorkel gears. The beach is home to several tiny coves brimming with fish and marine life; you can discover them while swimming.

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