The best part of traveling is that you get a chance to immerse into some of the breathtaking views from the hotel rooms that you miss at home. Like places, there are some hotels that are packed with enticing views and you should really the savor experience of staying in the hotels and enjoying the spectacular view.
While there are endless numbers of hotels with great views but in this feed, we have picked up the 5 best hotels in the world that you must try out. Amidst beautiful location, these hotels render most stunning views.

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge- Machu Picchu, Peru

The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is only hotel situated within the Incan site Machu Picchu. The way that takes you to the hotel is very interesting and dotted with spectacular scenery. To reach the Inca Trail where the hotel is situated you have to take a four-hour trek via train or bus and if you’re keen to travel on foot it will take you a complete day.
The best thing about the hotel is that you get to see the ancient ruins that were discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. And, if you want to get immersed in the surreal view of Huayna Picchu and the Urubamba River Valley, make sure you choose hotel room no.21, which gives you the best view. Since, it’s the only hotel within the town, make sure you book in advance.

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Caesar Augustus Hotel-Anacapri, Italy

Situated 1,000 feet above the Bay Of Naples, is the luxurious Hotel Caesar Augustus. The striking thing about the hotel is that the interior of the hotel is a nice blend of modern and ancient Roman architecture.
The hotel with impeccable interior also offers sweeping view of the bay and the town. If you’ll book master suites you’ll find that the suites are beautifully decorated with artwork and antiques. The hotel is on the expensive side but the view that the hotel offers is worth shelling some extra bucks!

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Hotel Hassler Roma, Rome, Italy

Hotel Hassler Roma is known to be the city’s most luxurious hotel and offers a mesmerizing view of the complete city. We would suggest you to take room 501,503,506, and 620, if you’re lucky enough to get these rooms, you’ll surely be provided with the best view of the city. Despite the astonishing view, the hotel is known for some exceptional Italian Cuisine.

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Blanket Bay- Glenorchy, New Zealand

It is a royal alpine lodge situated among the rugged, snowy peaks of the Southern Alps. Blanket Bay is known to be the finest lodging in the country and while you’re planning to travel to New Zealand, make sure you experience the hospitality, great food, and of course, gorgeous view the hotel offers.
The hotel is 45 minutes drive away from the town of Queenstwon and here you can also try out various outdoor activities including heli-skiing, hiking, Kayaking, and fly-fishing. The hotel remains booked year round, so, make sure you book it in advance.

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The Omnia, Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland is world-famous for the amazing mountain views but the luxurious hotel, The Omnia introduces you to even more breathtaking side of the country. The hotel is located in the car-free village Zermatt. The village is blessed with breathtaking scenery and is also known to be the base for skiing.
Due to the cliff setting, the rooms render a captivating view and we would suggest you to choose upper floor rooms or suites for even more great views.

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So, these are the 5 hotels with the best views in the world. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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