Best of the Black Sea Cuisines

The Black Sea region is lush with land-derived sources of proteins which makes the cuisines delicious and healthy overall. Since many animals are butchered and eaten in the region, the same story delivers a much-varied base for milk production that sources its sweet delights. Much of the influence of one country travels to others that encircle the black sea region, be it Europe or Asia. It is all quite well mingled.
Here we are discussing the most delicious food options that you would love to try when you are a tourist here. There are savory as well as sweet ones to melt in your mouth in ecstasy. Check out these suggestions first!

1. Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls are eaten widely throughout the black sea region with little to no savory variations. While the basic seasonings, toppings, and the use of tomatoes remain consistent, the fillings change from region to region, from country to country. These rolls are made with cabbage leaves and also with grape leaves. The dish is very nutritious and its simple flavors are things of beauty that you will cherish.

2. Baklava

This sweet pastry is made with crusty phyllo pastry which is very famously used in the black sea and the Mediterranean region. The pastry comes drizzled with syrup and is packed with crunchy and fragrant pistachios which is why the pastry is often called the ‘Pistachio Pastry’. The flaky Baklava is shaped into cubes, bricks, and diamonds which brings out its aesthetic appeal.

3. Beef Tripe Soup

Beef Tripe soup is a delicious heart-warming dish eaten in the region. It is a delicacy of Europe and of West Asia. It is a medicine in a bowl packed with nutrients and love to cure all your sicknesses. It is made fancy too according to the occasion but the very factor of fats and aroma make it just perfect to be made a general source of easy proteins. The texture is usually slimy and silky. The color remains yellowish or pale. The hints of chilies and garlic are obvious.

4. Potato Pancake

Potatoes are well-loved everywhere, not just in Asia. The pancakes are just another version of how happily potatoes adapt to the local tongues. The hash browns and potato flatbreads being the cousins, these potato pancakes are packed with different kinds of flavorings and cooked until they are browned. They are slim and served piping hot which is why you should have some dipping ready!

5. Pierogi

Pierogies are eaten all over the world in different forms under different names. Here too, the dough pockets are filled with meat, vegetables, seasoning, and flavorings. The filling is softened with eggs, butter, sour cream, sometimes sauerkraut, cheddar, potatoes, and many other things. Things keep alternating with countries. The derived meat from the water sources is, too, added to the Pierogi.

6. Moussaka

Moussaka has a long history in the region and even outside. It is a very gracefully done distant version of lasagna but the fillings can depend not only on tomatoes but also on potatoes and alternatively on eggplants depending on which side of the sea it is, Asian side or the European side. The tomatoes are just a helping hand here that gives rich color. The moussaka is loaded with bubbling cheese and is often made in batches.


There you go! You are all set to make your trip worthy of all the love and recollections. These cuisines are a result of the craftsmanship of many centuries and decades and with all the perfection, they came out as one of the nicest and finest among the lot. If you carry the same fire beneath you, you are very sure to love all of these and would be tempted to try them out. The flavors endowed into these cuisines from the Black Sea region are particularly worked with techniques rather than focussing on a variety of flavorings. This is why it is so special for all!

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