One of the most popular places to visit, Greece is not some unknown place that needs some introduction. This is the land of Greek gods. This country is a paradise for are a lover of history, culture, and literature. Greece is made with utmost care and perfection and has extremely beautiful sceneries and landscapes. This country is a heaven for foodies having all sorts of local delicacies. Visit this beautiful country and listen to its history and folklores. We have listed down some places you can visit in Greece to get the best experience of this country and its people.



This has to be the place on every traveler’s list. The beautiful white buildings contrasting with the crystal blue waters make this place looks straight of some fairy tale. Colorful buildings with pathways and domes all contrasting with the blue hues of the sky and water. Santorini has its own share of ancient buildings; churches one can make a visit to such as the Ancient Thera and the famous Santorini caldera. If you are an adventurous soul then try skydiving here, which this place is famous for. Visit the cliffs, museums, ancient monuments. Try their amazing wine, some freshly made seafood with a great view to keep you entertained.



The ancient city of Athens is famous in Greek mythology and now is a lot famous in today’s world. This place is a mixture of old history that dates back certain millenniums and modern urban lifestyle.   Every city here got something to tell and offer to its visitors. Visit this place to enjoy history as well as modern architecture. Do not miss the temple of Zeus, hills of Agora, ancient cities, and their local delicacies. This city has so much to present to its visitors, the list just goes on and on



This place is not that well known among the tourists and usually left unexplored. This city is famous for cheese tasting and bakeries. This place is adorned with blue waters and green sceneries all around. For those seeking some soothing, peaceful place to spend their vacations and have fun with family, then this is the place for you. Beaches have shallow waters for people to enjoy without being fearful of the depth of the water bodies. Enjoy your vacations exploring different lakes and beaches and visiting folklore museums, caves, enjoying wine tasting, several water sports, and many more.



Do you know this place is known as the most alluring place in Greece? If you are someone who wants to take a break and have a peaceful get away then this is the place for you. This place is home to monasteries that are at an extremely high altitude. These monasteries are built over huge cliffs. If you seek thrill and adventure then visit these monasteries as the paths to these are narrow, winding, and somewhere just some planks. But don’t worry, the view will compensate for all the hard work done to reach there.



This island has maintained its realness by being one of those islands that said no to the development. This is also the island famous for its volcano that to an active one. Creative people tend to select this place as one of the places to visit when in Greece. You can have a relaxing time in the thermal springs or have a stroll at the craters of the volcano, hike or trek to your hearts



This mountainous tourist attraction is the best place to have an adventurous trip. This place got a whole package for a nature lover such as rafting, hiking, diving into the waters to mountaineering. Visit this place in winter to have a look at the serene view. This place is full of forest activities and water activities with amazing monasteries, forests, rivers, and a whole lot of local villages to experience how they live life up in these mountains.

This country will bewitch you with its beauty and landscapes and you will feel the need to spend some more days and extent your vacations. With alluring monuments and buildings that narrate stories from beyond time, this country will leave you in awe. This country has to offer a lot to all sorts of people be it foodie, lover of literature, history, nature, adventure, and many more. Pack your bags and plan a trip to this beautiful country.

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