Brazil- Land to the Country of White Sand

Brazil is so vast country with respect to all the scenic beauty, diverse culture and variety of things to offer to its people and the people from overseas. Brazil is that land whose culture, heritage and beauty are really very difficult to explain in a few words. The intense beauty of the country is extended to its frozen mountains to the desert landscapes and from hard mountainous rocks to the white waterfalls. Looking forward to the biodiversity diversion in Brazil, it is most fabulous in its scope having a huge collection in animal and plant species than anywhere else is found. Many living species and the most iconic one such as toucans, macaws, howler monkeys, pink dolphins and sea turtles etc. can be seen only in Brazil. Giving a route to your travelling destination, here are a few off-beat tourist places which are must be travelled when you are on its land.

Let’s explore Land to the Country of White Sand – Brazil

Sugarloaf Mountain: Sugarloaf is a mountain peak in the city Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Its name was kept because of its resemblance shape with the concentrated loaf refined sugar. It is 396-meter-high above the port area and the mountain has come into existence from its formation of granite and it hardly helps to grow vegetation on its slopes. You can enjoy a beautiful romantic sunset from the peak of Sugarloaf. The cableway from Rio is the most approachable and convenient way to reach the Mountain.

Sugarloaf Mountain


Iguazu Falls: The water falls from the Iguazu River in the province of Argentina is known as Iguazu Falls. There are 275 different waterfalls in this and together they make it as the world’s biggest water system. The massive strength of these fall system can be easily watched from Brazil and Argentina both. All the waterfalls give the whole system a U-shaped formation and the lower part looks like a huge water pound. This is the power of mother nature at its best to cherish.

Iguazu Falls


Ilha Grande: Getting border with the beaches at one side and forests on the other, the Ilha Grande is an island in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. At the very south-east side, it has long palm trees which are spread till the Mendes Beach. At the north of the island is Lagao Azul which is famous for the sheltering for waters filled with fishes. Ilha Grande is very close to the Rio de Janeiro but still very indifferent from every day’s busy and busty life of the city as it has everything to relax on such as calm and cool beaches, peaceful places, romantic sunsets and what else would a person look for? This island has been disconnected from the outer world. No mobile phones, cars and even no bank facility available, one needs to take your money in cash to enjoy and relaxing.

Ilha Grande


Pantanal: Spread in the area more than 42 million acres, Pantanal is the largest wetland tropical in the world. The Pantanal has no towns and very few people. Long distances and poor transportation services force the people to travel through small aeroplanes and motorboats and if you think about travelling by own car that is not recommended at all because of the frequently changing weather conditions. These open marshes in Pantanal are home to a huge variety of life if you love to see animals in their natural environment then it is a completely accurate destination.


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