Nestled in the western Canadian province of Alberta, Calgary is a cosmopolitan Alberta city that boasts a plethora of skyscrapers and a laid-back vibe. Calgary, also popularly known as “Cowtown”, is an absolutely charming city; everything about this place feels so interesting. While the city is widely known for being the center of Canada’s oil industry, there’s a lot more that makes Calgary special. From several festivals and vivid culture to breathtaking landscapes and stunning lakes, the city is blessed with some of the best elements, making it an excellent place to explore in Canada. But if you want to explore and admire the beauty of this city, then you should look no further than Calgary’s lakes.

Calgary houses some of the most fascinating lakes in the world; they offer a glimpse into the incredible beauty of this city. Much of Calgary’s beauty comes from these lakes; therefore, you cannot miss out on exploring them when in the city.

Ahead, we have jotted down a list of some breathtaking lakes to visit in Calgary.


Sikome Lake

Loved by both youngsters and kids alike, Sikome Lake is one of the best lakes to visit in Calgary. However, this artificial lake remains open to the public only for a specific period of time. Each year, the lake opens in the month of June and is closed at the end of September. The lake features a long sandy shoreline and offers plenty of fun activities to all kinds of visitors. Other than swimming, visitors can also have a picnic here, and there are several picnic tables for the same.


Chestermere Lake

Chestermere Lake is easily one of the most stunning lakes in the city. This 4.8 km long lake is incredibly popular among locals and tourists alike, and that can be attributed to the various water activities that have made this lake even more famous. Visitors are often left in an awe of this lake, and we don’t see why not? This is possibly one of the most gorgeous lakes you will come across in the Calgary area. Paddleboarding, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, boating, wakeboarding, water skiing, and sailboating are some of the best activities offered on this beach in summer. And as far as winter is concerned, this place turns itself into an excellent spot for ice skating and snowmobiling. And in order to enjoy some fishing here; visitors are required to have a license.


Sundance Lake

Owned by the community of Lake Sundance, Sundance Lake is a private lake that is famous for offering scenic views. Although this lake is exclusively for the members of the Lake Sundance community and their guests, outsiders can also get access to this lake by seeking special permission from the authorities of Sundance Lake. Boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and windsurfing are some of the best activities that can be enjoyed at this lake. Apart from that, you can also play tennis, volleyball, and basketball near the lake area.


Ghost Lake

The name of this lake has nothing to do with the appearance of ghosts or anything supernatural. Serving as one of the most essential water sources in Calgary, Ghost Lake is a picturesque place to visit in the city. Boasting a stunning backdrop featuring lush mountains and forests, the Ghost Lake is a sight for sore eyes. Aside from offering some of the best views in the city, the lake also offers a plethora of fun activities, including boating and trout fishing.


Frank Lake

Rose to popularity for being one of the largest man-made lakes in Calgary, Frank Lake is one of the best lakes to visit in the city. This place is also a popular spot for spotting birds or taking their photographs, granting a vast variety of birds come here every season. Hence, you must add this lake to your itinerary for a lovely experience.

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