When traveling to some new places, one of the most important things to do is to explore and try their local cuisine. It is important to go out and try all their famous dishes and try food from high-end restaurants and from some local street vendors. This way you can taste all the different cuisines available in the country.  Here in this article, we are going to talk about where can you get some amazing food when you are traveling to Bangkok. Bangkok is a stunning place to plan some vacations at. The alluring scenery and the new rising trend of cafes are making it easier to have some good food every corner.


Given below is a list of several cafes you can have some amazing food at.

  1. Pooltime Cafe

Stunning interiors and delicious food. This is the best combination one can ask for. This Pooltime cafe is a lot famous around the area because of its delicious food and super cute drinks as well as the aesthetically pleasing interiors. The interiors consist of pinks and blues and whites and they together make the place look super chic and cute. This place presents food in such a photo-worthy presentation. You can get here and have some amazing Thai cuisine while having some cute photos around.

  1. Big Dog Cafe

A cute cafe where you can have some amazing Thai cuisine while playing with some cute dogs. They have a large number of dogs you can play with. They provide some amazing dishes for you to have. If you want you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the pixie lights around. They have some amazing dishes and drinks for you to try. They have amazing Thai cuisine and they also provide some delicious vegan food. When you are here in Bangkok try visiting this cafe.

  1. Floral Cafe

Situated in old Bangkok, this is a stunning cafe to be in. this cafe is decorated with flowers and other plants to make it look stunning. This magnificent cafe is famous for its alluring interior covered with beautiful flowers making the place feel like a magical place. This is decorated with colors and made to look mysterious and alluring. This provides you with delicious Thai cuisine. You can have some amazing dishes and drinks here in this floral cafe while being surrounded by some flora. Try the delicious dishes from this cafe when you are in the city.

  1. ViVi the coffee place

ViVi the coffee place, like any other cafe serves one thing that is available everywhere, espresso. You need to order an espresso from here and sit around where ever you want. You can sit inside and enjoy the interiors or you can sit outside and enjoy the view and scenery around. You can enjoy a stunning view of the river outside and the pleasant weather. There are so many drinks to try here. You can come here with your friends and enjoy some peaceful time here in this coffee place. Get here and enjoy some drinks while sitting either inside or in open-air enjoying the view.

  1. Sretsis Parlour

This is a magical place to be at. Sretsis palace is a luxurious cafe with a dream-like interior. The walls are covered with stunning wallpapers and the roof looks like the sky, the floor is covered with daisies and you can enjoy some lavish meals here with this classy and elegant interior. They have amazing cakes and teas for you to try. When you are traveling to Bangkok and want to have a lavish meal in a magical environment then this is the cafe for you. This place has an elegant and luxurious aura to it with delicious food for its guests.


Try food from these cafes when you are traveling to Bangkok to get delicious food. These are some of the best cafes you can go to if you want to get some local cuisine or even if you want to try different cuisines and drinks. There are several other restaurants and cafes as well that serve some amazing dishes and drinks that you can try when you are traveling there. Get started and plan a relaxing trip to Bangkok and enjoy your time there.

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