Whether it’s your first trip or even if you are a frequent traveler, everything requires planning. There are still a lot of mistakes we all make and they must be avoided. If you are looking for a fun trip, then these tips are going to aid you in pulling off the perfect trip! These common travel mistakes are something everyone knows about and thus, must be overcome right away.


Overpacking, obviously!

Well, this one had to be on the list for obvious reasons. Overpacking is the most common mistake we all make and this is literally the worst thing you can do. Overpacking is nothing but just hoarding your bag with unwanted clothes and wrecking the entire planning of your trip. The thing about packing is that we all have a bundle of fancy clothes that we want to wear on our vacation outings. But is it even possible to wear each one of those pieces? No! Then what is the point of carrying them all? Overpacking is a big problem and it is nothing but just lack of planning. If you learn to plan your trip by the day, then this can be solved in a jiffy. The thing about planning is that this way, you will be able to plan your outfits for each day and then pack accordingly. Instead of hoarding your bag with multiple clothes. There is no need to sacrifice on style. Simply, pack what is needed!


Making an over-ambitious itinerary

An itinerary is your travel plan for any destination and it gives you an insight as well as a plan for the entire trip. If you are willing to plan your trip properly, then this should not be on the list. The thing is that when you plan an over-ambitious itinerary for yourself, it just chokes you because then you are not able to actually visit all those places. There might be a lot of reasons due to which you will have to switch your plans at the last moment. It might be because of weather conditions, conveyance problems or simply unavailability of some locations. So, if you over plan and then you are not able to visit those places, it would turn out to be a big disappointment. So, it is better to plan some things and leave the rest of them unplanned. Be flexible and let each day come to you like a surprise!


Befriending random people

This one is a big No especially when you are traveling alone. This is actually a part of safe travel because when you are on a solo trip, at one point in time you might get bored and then look for someone to accompany you. But this is the worst thing you can do because you never know which person might turn out to be a trouble for you. Befriending people on the way or at your destination is not a good idea unless you need help. Even if you need help, you must talk to people in a limit. You should know that you are alone responsible for your safety and thus, this must be avoided just in case you are in an emergency situation.


Booking far-away accommodation

Whenever we are going to a new place, we don’t have much idea about the nearby locations and thus, we end up in a faraway place of which we have no idea. This can turn out to be big trouble for the entire trip because then you will have to cover long distances. This way, a lot of time is wasted and thus, our entire trip comes to halt. Each and every kind of pre-planning is disturbed so you should make sure that you check the locations seriously and then book your accommodation. Always check the google maps before you book your hotel or look for a guide who will help you look for nearby hotels. This is imperative for every trip and thus, needs to be paid attention to.


Running out of money

You should always consider your budget as the first thing for any kind of trip. Whether it is your hotel accommodation, restaurant, flights, or food, everything requires money and that is why it is imperative to pay attention to your budgetary decisions. Make sure you carry enough money so that there is no shortage of it just in case you face some problem. If you want to explore any place fully and in the most authentic way, then you should expect the unexpected too. Carry a lot of spare cash and create a realistic budget. You can only schedule weekly transfers to your account if you are a spendthrift. This will let you be in norms.

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