There are many people who just can’t make a soft tour if they find time to travel to certain places. Few people just love adventurous in life and try to do everything possible. There are many places around the world which serves these opportunities to adventure lovers. China is a country which is famous for its adventurer locations that one can hardly dare to go. Here are a few places recommended especially for those who want to do something different than others.

Zhejiang and Diving Adventures: If you imagine yourself good at diving then it would be no strange for you to explore the depths of water anywhere. Zhejiang in China is the best place to feel the adventure in diving. It is as exciting and dangerous as well. One should be very good at diving before trying it in Zhejiang. There are many reasons of being a very different experience here than the other places, one reason is that it is in the submerged Lion City which exists almost eighty feet under the surface of the Qiandao Lake. It’s a very unique and threatening experience as well to dive among the unknown buildings of a city those were lost 50 years ago to flooding and there is no doubt that this experience will keep at the edge whole in the whole life.


Tianmen Mountains and the Glass Plank Walk: It might be possible that hiking and mountain climbing make you excited but before making a decision in how good you are at it, one should travel Tianmen mountains once. It would definitely offer an exciting thus throat soaking experiences. Not only you would see the breathtaking natural sights but you get to see what exactly is happening beneath your feet because the floor is completely made up of glass where one has to walk at a mountainous height during the walk of exactly 7 miles. This walk is of course not for the weak heart people or who have a profuse fear of heights. You would really remember God and try to escape as soon as possible.



Zhangjiajie National Park, China: Located in the peoples’ province of China, Zhangjiajie national park is a huge magical place consists of several mountains, rivers skyline natural stone pillars which can be up to the height of 3500 feet-so amazing and beyond imagination too. This place is inhabitant by monkeys as when you travel there, treacherous monkeys would be in awe passion to grab anything you have for eating. When the sky is full of clouds, pillars look like floating in the mid-air and the sight is indeed wondrous to behold. If you ever decide to go here, just expect to be challenged by sharp and contracted roads and small bridges.



Tiger Leaping Gorge: The deepest and most remarkable river canyon in the world is named as the Tiger Leaping Gorge, with the approximate depth of 3,790 from the peak of the mountain from where this river flows. The maximum natives of the gorge are the original Naxi people, who live in small villages and comes under the rural community of the city. Their main sources of existence come from the production of grain whichever is possible in that particular area and hikers which use to come here. The whole circle of the Gorge is almost 14 miles in total and takes 3 days for a person to complete it. Every time you hike, you will be able to overlook the striking degree of the gorge, as well as the clear water flowing river beneath your feet. If you are not good at heights then you should not try it at all because this is not recommended for the loose heart people.


Happy Travelling!!!

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