France is such a beautiful country to travel to. The capital of the country is known as the city of love and light making this country famous among travelers. France is famous for its history, culture, fashion, architecture, and of course the food. France has some of the amazing cuisines that you must try when you are visiting this stunning country. You should try the Michelin start gourmet restaurants as well as the street food of France. The country with around 300 different types of cheese and numerous dishes for its visitors to try. From cheese to wine to seafood and delicious bread, french food is something everyone should try.

Here are some of the dishes that you can have when you are having a stay in France.
1: Pain au chocolat

France is known for bread and croissants. It is famous for croissants and one of the well-known ones or the upgraded version of the normal butter croissant is the pain au chocolat which means chocolate bread. This is the croissant that has melted chocolate in the center of the flakey and delicious fresh croissant. This is an enhancement of the normal buttery croissant and here you can have soft melted chocolate in the middle of the flakey pastry. This is commonly available at any restaurant, bakery, and enjoy it with a hot, fresh cup of coffee.
2: Bouillabaisse

Originating from Marseille, this is a seafood dish that is extremely famous in France and which you should for once try. This dish has all different kinds of seafood such as prawns, fish, clams, and others which are stewed together with some vegetables and spices and flavors in a broth. Vegetables such as onions and potatoes are mostly used in this seafood stew. This delicious dish is then served with a baguette.
3: Gratin Dauphinois

One of the comfort food of the people of France, this simple and refreshing dish is something you should try when you are in France. This dish is made by slicing the potatoes into thin slices and then arranging them in the dish with cream and milk. This is then baked to cook the potatoes. This is a soothing and fulfilling dish that has simple flavors. One of the reasons this dish is the comfort food of the people. This dish is seasoned with some garlic, shallots, and cheese. You can season it with other things as well.
4: Crêpe

How can one be in France and not try crepes? Crepes can be said as thin pancakes that can be made savory or sweet depending on the filling you like in the crepe. These are large circular thin pancakes that are filled with sweet things like Nutella, chocolate, fruits and then folded and taken to go or eaten at a cafe or can also be made savory by using some other fillings like cheese, mushrooms, or other savory things. You can get one from the street vendors and can enjoy having such a delicious snack while exploring the cities and places in France.
5: Ratatouille

This is a vegetable dish made with stewed vegetables and is very flavourful. A lot of people know this dish from the movie of the same name. This dish is made with a lot of vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, garlic, onion, tomatoes, and other vegetables that are cooked together with a sauce. This is very flavorful with the help of different vegetables and herbs that are used in this dish. This is then garnished with some cheese. You can have it as it is or can have some toasted bread with it.

Numerous other dishes are there that you can try when you are in this country and have a great time. You can explore the places you are staying at and get to meet some locals. They would help you and tell you where you can have some authentic French cuisine. Locals are the best to take advice from when it comes to looking for authentic things. Look for all the dishes and drinks you want to try and enjoy your time in France. Try different kinds of cheese and wine and have a pleasant time.

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