Bolivia’s cuisine is popular among travelers and there are not many people who would travel here for just the food. People usually visit this country for the famous Salt flat known as Salar De Uyuni. This country’s cuisine is not as famous as the cuisines of its neighboring countries but once you try the authentic food here you would get to know what you were missing. The food is delicious. People should know more about the cuisine of bolivia so that they can visit the country and get to enjoy the amazing cuisine. There are so many amazing dishes, street food items, and others that can be enjoyed when you are here. Let’s look at the dishes that you can try when you are in La Paz, bolivia.

Foods available in La Paz, Bolivia

1: Salteñas


This is the national dish of bolivia and thus you have to try this once you are in bolivia. This dish is made with a mix of meat, normally beef or chicken along with some vegetable spices, eggs, and sauce. This mix is then added to a pastry. This mixture has a stewy texture which makes the dish looks like a pastry filled with stew. This dish is a super popular street food that you can have during breakfast. You can enjoy this delicious salteñas with juice or coffee.

2: Anticuchos


Anticuchos is grilled meat that is enjoyed as street food in Bolivia. This is skewed meat that is marinated in various ingredients such as cumin, pepper, oregano, garlic, other herbs, and spices and then grilled. This dish is filling and can be enjoyed when you are strolling the streets of La Paz. You can have potatoes, corn, and even peanut sauce along with this skewered meat to get the best flavors. This dish is famous among other south American countries as well.

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Silpancho is another traditional dish of bolivia. This is a hearty meal that you can enjoy in all parts of the country. This dish consists of rice, a deep friend cutlet, and other side dishes. The cutlet is made with breaded meat such as beef or any other along with tomatoes, onions, eggs, and herbs. This is then fried to get that crispy golden layer. You can also get the elements of this dish in the form of a sandwich where all the elements such as cutlet, rice, sauce, and potatoes are put inside a bun. You can get this dish in a lot of restaurants here.

4: Milanesa


You can get a bit confused in silpancho and milanesa. The difference is that the cutlet in silpancho is super thin whereas here it is not that thin and is shallow fried. This is the dish that is made by pounding meat to make it thin and then covering it with bread. This dish does not have vegetables in it as silpancho. You can get this dish with other side dishes such as potatoes and eggs. You can enjoy this at any time of the day.

5: Quinoa


Bolivia comes second when it comes to quinoa products and thus this has to be on the list. This has been a staple dish for years in this country. You can get this fresh quinoa and have it in several dishes such as salads, soups, stews, and others. You can try the famous quinoa peanut soup which is filling and delicious, this soup has vegetables, quinoa, peanut butter, and several herbs and spices. You can add meat to the sup as well. Have this hearty and filling soup at least once.

Bolivian food is diverse because of colonialization and thus has been influenced by different countries. You can see a lot of influence from Spanish cuisine and the use of ingredients such as rice, pork, and such. Now you know a few of the mouth-watering dishes that you can have when you visit bolivia. This will provide you with another reason why you should visit this stunning country and have a vacation here. Enjoy the mountains and lakes along with the towns and cities. There are so many places you can visit and have delicious food at. Try street food, food at fine dine-ins, and everything in between. Have a great time here.

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