Being the most beautiful and second-largest island in Hawaii, Maui Island makes itself as an ideal place for a tropical vacation. From adventurous activities to tropical scenic beauty Maui Island has so much for you. If you want to enjoy a good vacation time on a tropical island then Maui island is the most excellent place for you. You can enjoy true Hawaiian Holiday time and also enjoy interesting activities on this island to create worthy memories.

In the alluring atmosphere and lush greenery of Maui, you can capture the most amazing landscape beauties and relax on the coastlines of Maui. If you want to experience such a dramatic vacation, then this travel blog will help you. You can read out every detail that is provided below and learn more about the best of the Maui. Therefore, without wasting any time you can go through the top attractions of Maui Island that are mentioned below. Thus, through our information, you can easily create your holiday plan To Maui.

Waianapanapa State Park

It is an enchanting tourist spot on Maui Island, located at the end of the most popular Hana highway. This is a black lava beach, where you can enjoy the aesthetic natural beauty of black sand and glistening blue water waves crashing on the land. You can experience other adventurous sports like snorkeling, camping, hiking and swimming on this beach. You can also click gorgeous pictures of cliffs, caves, temples, seashore and yes, of course, don’t forget to have a memorable time at Waianapanapa State Park. Thus, you can have great family time on this black lava shoreline.


Wailea is the most eye-catching destination on Maui Island. It is popular for its attractive beaches and luxury accommodations provided for the tourist. If you want to experience the breezy atmosphere and serene vibe of the beach then Wailea is the top attraction where you can enjoy an amazing time. Apart from this, you can delicious cuisines, drinks; spas services and relax in the luxury resorts near the beach. You can swim, surf and snorkel in the blue seawater. Also, the best thing about Wailea is you can capture the most stunning sunset.

Makena Beach 

The big beach is another name of Makena beach; this is the longest and natural shoreline of Maui Island. It is one of the most crowded and excellent spots for swimmers. Also, this beach is popular for romantic couples too. You can capture the jaw-dropping landscape beauty of the Kahoolawe and Molokini islands too. Apart from this if you want to enjoy water sports activities then Makena beach is the top attractions for the tourist, where you can enjoy a thrilling adventure too.

Iao Valley

It is one of the lushest green beautiful valley located in the Maui Island. This place is filled with ancient excursions and sometimes weather of this location can be a little bit disturbing. You can hike through the lanes of the park and discover untouched and breathe taking beauty of Iao valley. Being a rainforest area, you can see and capture various species of flora and fauna. You can also check out the majestic beauty of the extinct volcano. Therefore, if you love hiking then you can surely visit the Iao valley of Maui.

Maui Ocean Center 

This is an eye-catching aquarium, where you can see the beautiful aquatic life of tropical aquatic mammals. You can capture beautiful sight of coral reefs, tropical fishes. This aquarium offers you to watch the stunning life of Hawaiian fishes and underwater life. From magnificent stingrays, jellyfishes, sharks and other variety of tropical fishes can be easily visible. Therefore, take your family and kids to this fantastic ocean center and let them a beautiful life of tropical species under the water.

Therefore, now plan your trip to the Maui island and have experience in this place with your family and kids. Thus, we hope that now you can easily a tropical holiday time at Maui Island.

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