One thing that stimulates the world’s traveler is the intriguing blend of antiquity and modernity preserved by the Japanese city Kyoto. The city is embodied with novelty but still acknowledges the old. When you’re in Kyoto you will feel as if you have stepped in a completely different era, though the modern Japanese culture is breathtaking but the trip to Kyoto immerses you in the old Japanese charm.

Japanese itinerary is always contemplated to majorly two cities- Tokyo the present capital of the country and Kyoto that has served as the cultural and historical epicenter of the country back in 794 till 1868. If you want to get captivated to the old Japanese charm Kyoto is the best pick. The city is home to over thousands of temples, gardens, domes, and monuments all giving a glimpse of the old Japan. The city is the most beautiful city in Japan and thanks to the preservation of the old cultural charisma. The best time to visit the city would be during the spring i.e. March to May, and fall i.e. October to November both the seasons are rolled in with pristine view and balmy weather.

If you wish to visit Kyoto, here is the list of enthralling things you can do in your Kyoto itinerary.


Visit the Kinkakuji Temple

The golden Kinkakuji Temple is built in the most breathtaking naturalscape. The beautiful Zen temple amidst the lake called the mirror pond, and trees offer a serene panorama. The temple is a huge draw among the world’s travelers. The temple was initially built as a retirement home for the popular shogun but later become a temple after his death. The top floors of the temple are wrapped with gold leaf that serves as the major attraction. There are various guided tours available that you can book in advance.


Kyoto Tower

The Kyoto Tower is the tallest building (i.e. 131 meters tall with an observation deck situated 100 meters above the ground), in the city and offers a modern edge to this historical city. The tower offers visitors a panoramic view of the city that extends to Osaka. The tower is regarded as the notable modern iconic landmark with hordes of tourists visiting the tower to get soaked in the best panoramic view. We would recommend you visit the Kyoto Tower at sunset for really amazing experience.


Monkey Park Iwatayama

Situated uphill the Monkey Park Iwatayama is worth visiting. Brimming with a serene view all around, the park is full of monkeys. With the stunning view comes a chance to get entertained with Japanese monkeys. Swinging through the trees, hopping from one path to another, and even trying to steal your stuff, the trip to Iwatayama Monkey Park is a fun ride. The park also offers a great way to relish hiking so, wear your comfortable shoes and carry a water bottle along with you can plunge into some real hiking experience.
If you plan to visit the park, be watchful of your belongings as the monkeys are really into a mischievous quest.


Dining at the Pontocho

Pontocho is a buzzing alley of restaurants situated near the Kamogawa River. If you want to relish the delectable Japanese gastronomy the place offers you the finest dining with a riverside breathtaking view. The best way to pick your ideal place for dining among the vast options would be to opt for the one whose ambiance appeals to you the most.
The view becomes even better at sunset. So, we would recommend you should surely visit the place.

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