Surrounded by the blue water of Koro sea, Fiji Island is the most beautiful and exotic destination for a vacation. The attractiveness of the Fiji Islands has an everlasting and magnificent beauty fairly different than any other place. Every vacationer, mainly those who are enthusiastic about photography, will exclusively enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty and will capture breathtaking photographs of this Fiji Islands.

While each island of Fiji has its beauty and charm to attract people. You can relax near the seashore and feel the sea breeze to have serene peace. The best part you can enjoy the wild flora-fauna and we’re sure the beauty of Fiji will amaze up your heart. Each island is bounded by gleaming blue water, white sand, and luscious greenery. Therefore, we have brought the ultimate list of locations of Fiji where you need to visit to feel the true vibes of exotic vacation goals.

Relax In Viti Levu


Viti Levu is the major island of Fiji and residence to the capital city, Suva. Viti Levu presents us with the territory of the beautiful mountains, most importantly counting Mt. Tomanivi, and it is a highlighting location because it has an extinct volcanic area. 

On the Southern surface of the island, you can rejoice in the beauty of Fiji by taking pictures on white sandy beaches and enjoy swimming in the blue water. Also, The Pacific dock is recognized as the exploration capital of Fiji, where you can discover an assortment of activities like water rafting and reef fishing. Mainly people are interested in a tropical vacation; think about Viti Levu to be the most excellent island in Fiji as it serves you the true feel of a tropical escape.

Denarau Island 

Denarau Island is the best island in Fiji. If you love to have a luxury vacation then this island is offering you amazing services for you. Denarau Island has the most amazing exotic bars and seafood restaurants also they offer you, great gourmet, too. Denarau Island also gives special services for honeymoon couples too like private pools, romantic daybeds, and swim-up-bars to experience a great time in the surrounding of tropical beauty. Also, this island is popular for its amazing natural beauty like greenery and dreamy sand beaches. So, add this place on your travel list to experience a truly tropical vacation.

Vanua Levu

For the people who are fond of adventure, this place offers you exciting things to do in Fiji. Vanua Levu is the second major island in Fiji. The Southern shoreline of Vanua Levu is identified for its magnificent coral reefs, green rainforests, and the pearl farms. The people who are in love with water should go for scuba diving, to enjoy the underwater beauty of the Fiji area. We are sure that you’ll be fascinated to see the gorgeousness and peace of the Fiji Islands. Most importantly, you can relax in the exotic spas also. Therefore, don’t forget to visit Vanua Levu too.

Mamanuca island

Enjoy water sports like surfing, boating, and rafting in Mamanuca Island. This island is located on the west coast of Nadi and known to be the most popular island among all the island Fiji. Mamanuca Island offers you amazing adventures and pleasant, dreamy evenings. This place Features some of the major dramatic white sand beaches and luscious fields of coral gardens in Fiji. You’ll be blown away by watching the pure tropical beauty of Fiji, and they have so many interesting things to offer for making time worth. 

Enjoy every culture and cuisines of the Fiji Islands to experience the true feel of living in the exotic area. Bula! Fiji islands are one of the great vacation destinations where you can easily chill and capture the most ultimate photographs for experiencing true happiness. Therefore, do visit Fiji, and get the feel of exoticness and peace for a few days that can give you unforgettable memories for a lifetime. 

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