Are you bored and want to spend your vacation somewhere exotic? Would you like to spend some quality with family, friends or both? Are you tired of the same monotonous lifestyle that you are living? Would you like to spice your life up a bit?

When it comes to planning for a vacation, these are the questions that one tends to ask themselves. Many find difficulty in choosing the aptest location to venture to. One has to consider what kind of trip this will be; with friends or family or on one’s own.

The next important factor to ponder about is the budget of the trip. Last but not least, one has to evaluate what one wishes to experience; be it adrenaline pumping activities or scenic and peaceful surroundings.

Let us assume that you have finally chosen an apt location to visit. But what if that place is very crowded. One important factor that most people forget to consider is crowdedness. The more crowded a location is, the lesser the enjoyment that one can derive from a vacation. More crowd means longer queues, longer wait times and traffic.

Thailand is the country that best fulfils all criteria and has the most scope for entertainment. It has both scenic and peaceful surroundings as well as adrenaline-pumping activities. Though Thailand is a tourism magnet, there are a few ‘cheat codes’ to escape the crowd and enjoy a ‘truly personal’ vacation.

This article will describe ‘7 Hidden locations in Thailand to visit’. If Thailand is already in your bucket list, then you do not need to make any changes, other than including these locations in your itinerary

1. Lampang:

Lampang is located in the North of Thailand. It is a peaceful town located near Chiang Mai. Lampang is one such place where the essence of Thailand’s past continues to foster. Lampang is home to the Thailand Elephant Conservation Centre; an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre.

2. Khanom:

Khanom provides scope for a serene beach setting. One can get the best accommodations near a beach at Hai Nai Phlao beach. Or if one is up for some adventure, one can venture to the Khao Wang Thong caves, which are near to Khanom. If one is visiting between March and September, one can see indigenous pink dolphins at Khanom.

3. Trang:

Trang can be considered the twin sibling of Krabi. Both are located close to each other and boast shallow beaches, diving spots and limestone cliffs. But one thing that Trang has over Krabi is that Trang is relatively less popular than Krabi, placing it currently in the low tourist zone. This means that one can find the peace that they seek at Krabi in Trang.

4. Chiang Rai:

Chiang Rai is an amazing location for trekking and is home to Thailand’s only silver temple. Chiang Rai is a quiet city located in Northern Thailand.

5. Koh Lanta:

It can be simply described as a quieter version of the Phi Phi islands that boasts all the facilities available there with the added benefit of being serene and low in tourists.

6. Ratchaburi:

Located close to Bangkok is Ratchaburi. Ratchaburi is famous for two things:
a. the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market- Here one can buy street food, fruits and souvenirs.
b. Rose Garden- Here one can check out traditional Thai handicraft, dancing and the infamous Muay Thai martial arts demos.

7.    Phetchabun:

It is home to two national parks: the Khao Kho National Park and the Nam Nao National Park (largely home to jungle cats and bears). This land is filled with undiscovered aesthetic potential in the form of waterfalls, rivers, hills and forests.

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