Slovakia, a beautiful landlocked country in central Europe, sharing the border with 5 different countries, namely, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic, is truly one of the most gorgeous destinations to visit in the world. Slovakia is not just about the magnificent sceneries, colorful traditions, and scenic countryside, but it is beyond that, and that’s what makes this place a must-see country in central Europe. A country that is deeply steeped in culture and history can never cease to amaze you with its traditions, values, majestic sites, and many more things. Every town or village of Slovakia has a church in them which dates back to the gothic, baroque and renaissance period. The country’s rich artistic, cultural, and historical influence is best reflected in their buildings and narrow lanes. All in all, you wouldn’t be left disappointed with the country’s charm and the scenic views.

To ensure that you make the most of your visit to Slovakia, make sure to visit all the tourist attractions that we have listed below.


Slovak paradise national park

Slovak paradise national park is one of the nine national parks in the country that is the epitome of beauty. Deep rocky gorges, sparkling waterfalls, beautiful canyons, valleys, and many such things are the main highlights of this gorgeously breathtaking part of the country. The objective of this national park is to preserve wildlife and their natural habitats, where you can witness some of the most stunning sceneries. This place has got so many things to offer to every traveler where they can explore the beautiful lakes for a soothing and relaxing day or the rich flora and fauna in the dense forest.


Spis castle

This is probably the largest castle you will ever come across in entire Europe. Taking a stroll or wandering around the walls of the castle is truly one of the best experiences you can get here, and you might be left awestruck with the size and scale of nearly everything. The castle was built in the 12th century, which covers about 10 acres of the area. The architecture of this castle is the main highlight of this historic building which features romanesque, gothic, and renaissance architecture. The castle might be situated on barren land, but the presence of it is still very commanding despite being in its ruined state.



Bratislava, the country’s capital and the largest city of Slovakia, is the gem of a place that holds high historical and cultural value. This place has many different sides to it and which is what makes this city one of the fascinating places to explore. It displays a variety of medieval and gothic buildings and magnificent hilltop castles and not to forget the baroque palaces. Danube River, which is situated along the capital city snakes through the town leading towards some of the most gorgeous and picturesque fields, farms and villages. From Bratislava castle to different pubs and bars, this place surely has some of the best things to offer.



It is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the country that is situated close to the border of Hungary. The intriguing history of this city, which dates back to the medieval period, makes it an amazing place to check out. Whether it’s the old world charm or the historical sites, including a plethora of monuments, cultural landmarks, and statues to check out, the list is never-ending when it comes to exploring the city. Many cafes, bars, restaurants, museums, art galleries, and theaters are lined alongside the streets of the city. You can visit some of the best tourist attractions here, such as St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral and Spis castle.



Featuring some of the best gothic, renaissance, and baroque architecture in the town, you will see a myriad of incredible historical sites and cultural landmarks spread over the land of this place. The main square is not the only highlight of this town; there are plenty more things that can keep you occupied throughout your stay in this gorgeous place. If you are looking for a quiet and tranquil getaway, then this might just be the right choice of destination for you as the town has a very laidback feel to it.

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