Explore the City of Secrets- Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that rewards inquisitive travellers and known for being both scenic and cosmopolitan, with a thriving arts scene and diverse, dynamic inhabitants. With streets built around a grid system, the coastal capital of Victoria is both easy to navigate and full of surprises. A large number of auditoria, art corridors busting about the impressive international and local works and plenty of progressive architectural works offer cultural excursions, particularly when the inconsistent weather turns. The Yarra district offers Beautiful Places and lovely views of its namesake river, along which visitors can walk, bike, and watch people. Tourists looking for a restful break can head to a beachside area in South Melbourne to spend the day relaxing beside the heaven.

Let’s explore the city of Secerts – Melbourne

Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria- Melbourne Gardens: Melbourne Gardens are basically botanic gardens which spread over two sites such as Melbourne and Cranbourne. These Gardens were established in 1846 on the land which was reserved on the south side of the Yarra River for forming a new botanic garden. It spreads its fragrance to the total area of 36 hectares which slopes to the river with green trees, flower beds, lakes and lawns surrounded all around. You can find the rare species of beautiful plants, landscapes and skyscraper buildings on offer in these gardens located in Victoria. Visitors can enjoy light breathing in the fresh air from the heart of Melbourne’s city centre at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria- Melbourne Gardens


City Laneways, Melbourne: There’s always something new to discover in Melbourne’s bundle of enjoyment, creative laneways, famed restaurants and hole-in-the-wall cafes and bars. ACDC Lane, Degraves Street, Centre Lane, Flinders Lane, Hosier Lane Duckboard Place are some of the famous laneways in Melbourne city. From rooftop bars to basement boutiques, Melbourne’s laneways are filled with Loop Roof, a verdant oasis framed against a striking view of the city skyline. Melbourne’s laneways have been spread all over the city like a web which is revitalized with beautiful art, street side cafes and bars moreover provide the opportunity to its visitors to explore the city and its secrets.

City Laneways, Melbourne


National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne: The NGV is the pet name of the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne well established because of its art museum and is an honour for the country, Australia. NGV was originated in the year 1861 and it is the oldest, biggest and most visited museum of art in Australia. It is also home to the international art displaying collections of Europe and Asia. Children would love to be in the Great Hall and Gardens of NGV because of beauty and big courtyard where can easily roam around, relax and feel the essence of stained-glass ceiling filled with Oceanic and American art. Many exhibitions are also displayed on visual arts like tours, kids’ entertainment sessions and late-night performances.

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne


Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne: As Melbourne is a hub of many buildings, it is a residence of the world’s oldest preserved exhibition pavilion such as Royal Exhibition Building as well. The building is very beautiful from inside out and a true landmark in Melbourne. This building is open for the public tours but depends upon the availability as it is not possible if the building is hired for some exhibition or events. The UNESCO heritage has listed the Royal Exhibition Building as the only major survival building of nineteenth-century in Australia.

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

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