Bruges is the jaw-dropping and beautiful city located in Belgium. With the beauty of medieval buildings, narrow streets, canals, and local areas make Bruges a beautiful place for every tourist. The medieval implication of Bruges’ cobblestone lanes escorts every traveler to numerous chronological, architectural and imaginative marvels. Metaphorical houses lined up nearby the canals and that makes it the most beautiful and romantic city of Belgium.

Therefore, we are going to discuss the top location of Bruges, where you need a visit to enjoy your vacation. This city has a very majestic historical architecture that will give you vibes of true old European eras. So, if you want to experience something apart from beaches and mountains then do visit Bruges. 

Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Basilica of the Holy Blood resides above the central plaza acknowledged as the Burg Square. This church is well-known for the gemstone vial kept in the interior that is presumed to hold a drop of Christ’s blood brought back from the Holy Land. Every year in May, this sacred historical object is conceded through the streets of Bruges in the march of the Holy Blood. And, this church is one of the most beautiful churches surviving in the world. Therefore, if you’re a person who is curious about history then do visit Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges. 

Town Hall

In the southeast area of the Bruges, you can visit the beautiful Town Hall which is one of the ancient historical attractions in the whole of Belgium. The pretense of the fragile Gothic structure presents the sturdy vertical prominence feature of the style, with towering pilasters, three of which concludes in octagonal steeples, alienated by high Gothic vaulted windows. In the Inside, don’t fail to notice the grand Gothic Hall on the first floor. With jaw-dropping beautiful timber vaults, it presents the real history of Burges. Therefore, don’t forget to see this beautiful masterpiece and to get the opportunity of capturing wonderful gothic architecture from your own eyes.

Groeninge Museum

Lead to the Dijver Canal to visit the beautiful Groeninge Museum, which embraces Bruges’ finest gathering of art. Besides, you can see brilliant ancient Flemish paintings; the museum also integrates an arcade of contemporary art and outstanding collected works of old Bruges. Most importantly the first five rooms of the museum are the most beautiful and will catch your attention as they restore pretty extraordinary paintings by ancient Flemish masters.


Take the small lane and walk down to the beautiful Sint-Salvatorskathedraal, the oldest community church in Bruges. This ancient church is very famous for its 99meter high fortress and also for its unique west towers too. The most interesting thing about this cathedral is, this masterpiece has survived four fires. Therefore, you need to visit this amazing masterpiece and capture the serene beauty of this church.

Church of Our Lady

This Church of Our Lady is one of the tallest churches in Belgium. The church grasps the wealth of art resources, amongst which is an inspirational statuette by Michelangelo, Virgin, and Child (1503-04). The figurine placed on the altar of the chapel at the ending of the south passageway. Therefore, do visit this magnificent holy place in Bruges. After this, you can explore local areas, markets, and lace-making stores to get some specially designed lace as Bruges vacay memory.  

Thus, now you that Bruges city is filled with a rich ancient history of gods and goddesses. Therefore, make sure to add this enchanting city of history in your travel list and do visit this city to explore the true ancient beauty and architecture of Belgium.

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