Canada is a stunning country to visit and explore. With such amazing landscapes such as the mountains, lakes, forests, coasts, and whatnot, this country is a must-visit place. This country becomes a winter wonderland during winters and such a pleasant place to be during summers. You can enjoy being here and exploring the multicultural community along with the stunning sceneries. Being the largest country in North America it is quite difficult to explore the whole country when you are here. Therefore travelers often divide the country into two parts, western Canada is the mountains and lakes, the Rockies, and the famous city Vancouver, and eastern Canada with historic places, architecture, and amazing sceneries.

Here you are going to know about different places you can be at and explore when visiting eastern Canada.

  1. Niagara falls

This is one of the most famous attractions in Canada and is one of the places people visit whenever they are here in this country. You can view this stunning waterfall from Canada as well as from the USA. if you are in Canada then you can visit Queen Victoria Park and get a stunning view of this waterfall. Niagara falls are not just a waterfall but is also home to many hotels, clubs, casinos and has amazing nightlife. You can visit the waterfall during the day or can even get a helicopter to get the top view of the falls or a boat ride to see underneath the waterfall. You can enjoy a delicious dinner at a high-end restaurant while watching the waterfalls.

  1. Quebec City

Quebec City, the capital of the province of Quebec, is a well-known place to spend some days at.  This stunning city looks like an old European town in the middle of modern North American cities. If you want to explore and experience life in a french city while being in Canada then this is the place for you. This city changes into a wonderland in winters. You can explore the french architecture and buildings here in Quebec city. You can visit the famous plaza here and can even enjoy a horse-driven carriage when touring around the city.

  1. Toronto

The cultural hub of Canada, Toronto needs no introduction. This is the largest city in the country and is one of the most visited places by tourists. People start or end their trip in this stunning city. You can visit the CN Tower and get to the top of it to enjoy the view of the city of Toronto. A small trip to the Casa Loma where you can explore the stunning Edwardian architecture. With several museums, restaurants, clubs, and whatnot, this is a must-visit place.

  1. Bay of Fundy

Visit this place to get to have some of the amazing seafood and to enjoy the coastal life. This place has some stunning coastal towns where you can spend some days and enjoy the coastal life. You can enjoy life in these coastal towns and can enjoy being near the coast. Have fresh seafood at different restaurants here at Bay of fundy. You can even see the covered bridge and see tides changing rapidly.

  1. Kingston

This is one of those small cities where you can get to explore and learn about the history, culture, and historic buildings of Canada. This small town is quite old and there are certain buildings that might take you back in time. Visit this pretty old town and get to know more about the history and culture of the country and to live a few days among old buildings. Visit this beautiful town when you are here in Canada. Enjoy your time here.

These are some of the famous places you can be at when you are here in Canada. These places are famous among travelers when they are traveling eastern Canada. The scenery, the multicultural community, the festivals, and so many other things are there to attract travelers. From the famous Niagara falls to stunning French architecture in Quebec, this place has some breathtaking landscapes and sceneries for its travelers. Plan a long vacation to this stunning country and visit all the above-mentioned places during your stay here. Enjoy your trip to this stunning country with so many landscapes and places to visit and explore.

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