Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that you’ll most probably find in every traveler’s bucket list. While Bali is the most popular tourist destination in the country but Indonesia is home to much more than that. It is packed with some of the most astonishing and marvelous things that you can enjoy in all different parts of the country. From admiring the beautiful sunrise at one of its many active volcanos to Going Island hopping on many exciting islands as well as beaches, the list is never-ending. To make sure that you have the best time in the country, scroll through the article below to find out all the fabulous things you can enjoy here besides traveling to the overrated Bali.

Go island hopping and snorkeling

When in Indonesia, you certainly cannot miss out on visiting one of its many incredible islands. Indonesia is home to approximately 17,000 islands in total; giving you plenty of options to choose from. The numbers can quite tell why the country is so popular especially when it comes to enjoying your time by the sea. Pristine turquoise water, warm sand, beautiful surroundings makes the whole island hopping experience even better and with plenty of things to do in here including water sports such as snorkeling, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun. You can enjoy snorkeling in the oceans as well as at the nearby beaches that are equally beautiful and pristine. Togian Islands, Karimunjawa and Gili Islands in Lombok are some of the beautiful islands to visit for snorkeling.

Visit Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is one of the most important cultural sites as well as the largest Buddhist temple located in central Java of Indonesia. Made up of two billion blocks of stone, the temple dates back to the 8th and 9the centuries. Many travelers visit this temple especially by those staying in the neighboring city of Yogyakarta. The Borobudur temple has now been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site which features a central dome surrounded by 72 carved figures of the Buddha. This temple is beyond the worshipping place, many people also come here to admire the breathtaking of the scenery.

Watch sunrise from Mount Bromo

Whether or not you have watched a sunrise before, but we all can agree on the fact that the view can be absolutely dreamy and breathtaking. If you want to admire the stunning view of sunrise along with the gorgeous view of the surrounding, make sure to visit Mount Bromo, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions located in east Java. Even though it is not the highest volcano as compared to others but the kind of view you get here is very impressive and mesmerizing. Depending on the status of the volcano’s activity, one can climb the top of the mountain if the officials allow. Watching the sunrise from this mountain is one of the best things you can do in Java.

Indulge in some retail therapy

If there has to be one place in Asia that is best known for shopping then hands down it has to be Indonesia or some might even call it to be the world’s best shopping destination. From malls to streets shopping, you will find plenty of international brands at the malls and affordable and cheap bargains at the local market where you will spot many trendy and stylish options to splurge on. What can be better than spending your day strolling through the streets and malls to kill some time as well as to indulge in some retail therapy?

Explore the unique flora and fauna of Indonesia

Apart from all the beaches and cultural sites of Indonesia, its unique flora and fauna is sure to amaze you. One of the best ways to make the most of your time in Indonesia is appreciating its wildlife and nature. Komodo islands are one of the best places that you can visit to admire the wilderness of the country. From gigantic lizard-like creatures that can weigh around 100 kg to Komodo dragons, you will find plenty of unique wildlife creatures in the komodo national park which is a heavily protected UNESCO site.

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