One of the famous tourist destinations, Argentina is full of wonders. This is a beautiful country with natural sceneries like vineyards, glaciers, waterfalls, and mountains, as well as bustling cities with their skyscrapers. The amazing culture, the cuisine, the landscapes, and whatnot, there are so many things you can explore and experience when you are here in Argentina. This country is full of exciting adventures and lively culture. Stunning art and culture, the amazing tango, peaceful beaches, architecture, etc are there for you to visit this country and explore. Not only the landscapes but the wildlife here is too stunning and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to have.

Look at the places you can go to when you are in this amazing country.

  1. Iguaza falls

Located in the Iguaza national park, this is a huge waterfall. A lot taller and wider than the famous Niagara Falls, this waterfall attracts a lot of tourists. Tourists visit this place in order to capture the beauty of this place and to see the beautiful nature around it. You can go around the jungle near the waterfall and can click as many photographers as you want. After watching this amazing waterfall you can get around and explore the national park. This is a stunning place to visit where you can be close to nature and away from crowded cities.

  1. Route of the Seven Lakes

An amazing place to explore the Bariloche is this beautiful Route of the Seven Lakes. This is a stunning landscape to view and to be at. With a drive of more than 100km, this route brings you to several lakes in this region. You can enjoy the view of these alpine lakes. You can also hike around the to get to see the wonderful waterfalls or can even have a beautiful and peaceful walk around the mountain. This area is a stunning and peaceful place to be. Enjoy the drive through the driving circuit and appreciate the beauty everywhere.

  1. Caminito

This has to be one of the artistic places here. This is such a vibrant place to be at. This is a site for photographers where they capture the vibrant life around the place. Having an Italian influence due to the people who immigrated here some centuries ago this place has a beautiful aura to it. This is a street museum that is maintaining its Italian essence to this date. You can see it in the houses, shops, cafes, statues, and streets around to get to know more about it. You can enjoy some tango here and can also see several artists painting, signing, and dancing here.

  1. Valdes Peninsula

Are you a fan of marine animals? Do you wish to see several beautiful marine and endemic animals in their natural habitat, living happily? If yes, then you should definitely visit this peninsula when you are here in Argentina. These animals are protected and no harm is done to them. You can see penguins, sea lions, seals, and even some whales here. You can also get to see some other endemic animals such as foxes, rheas, shorebirds, and many more. There is a diverse range of wildlife here that you can look at.

  1. Mendoza wine regions

This is an important place and has its own mark in the winemaking industry of Argentina. You can visit this place and start your journey of visiting different vineyards here. You get to look at the fresh and vibrant vineyards and enjoy nature. If you like being adventurous then you can ask the tour guide to arrange some activities for you. Here you can enjoy rafting, even hiking, and some other adventures near the area. Have a fun day trip to the vineyards and enjoy your day.


Have a great time being in this lively country and get to be here exploring the colonial architecture, the glaciers, and mountains, the waterfalls, and jungles, enjoying the nightlife and doing the tango, eating delicious cuisine, and experiencing the Antarctica cruise. There is so much to do when you are here and thus it should be on your list of places you must visit. Get going and plan a wonderful trip to this country and enjoy your vacations here.

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