The Philippines has introduced us to some of the world’s most popular destinations such as Manila and Boracay, but there’s so much more to this vibrant country than just these two destinations. Home to more than 7,100 islands, it comes as no surprise that the Philippines is deemed a dreamy tropical destination. Apart from being home to some of the widely recognized places, the Philippines also houses some hidden gems that are worth exploring such as Camiguin Island.

Enveloped by the Bohol Sea, Butuan Bay, and Gingoog Bay from all corners, Camiguin Island is a beautiful destination that is witnessing a sudden rise in its popularity. Considering Camiguin is in close proximity to Manila, it has become an ideal spot for a getaway among both locals and tourists alike. Once you have visited this island, you will wish to visit it time and again, that’s how much you will love or enjoy staying here. When it comes to enjoying your stay on this island, surprisingly there are so many things to do that will keep you entertained and occupied throughout your stay.

Ahead, we have put together a list of some of the best things to do in Camiguin Island.


Take a dip at Katibawasan Falls

Camiguin Island is home to plenty of waterfalls, but Katibawasan Falls is the most impressive one to see. Dropping from a height of 250-feet, Katibawasan Falls features a rock pool enveloped by ground orchids, wild ferns, and towering trees that make the whole view even more stunning and impressive. Almost every kind of amenity is offered here for visitors. If you are visiting this place during summer, then you can also take a quick dip in the pool to get some relief from the scorching heat.


Explore White Island

There’s no dearth of sun and sand in Camiguin, you can find both of them in excess almost everywhere on the island. But in order to experience the best of these two, you should take a trip to White Island, which is a popular attraction in Camiguin. Boasting pristine turquoise waters and soft white sand, the island offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy swimming in crystal-clear water away from the crowd and also offers some really great views that are a sight for sore eyes.


Take an aerial view of Camiguin

Can’t get enough of the Camiguin’s beauty? How about taking your experience several notches higher? If you want to make your trip to Camiguin really memorable and exhilarating, then you should consider taking an aerial view of Camiguin from a two-seater plane that covers many of the landmarks in Camiguin. And if you want to add extra spice to your ride, you can ask the pilot to perform some aerobatics and he/she will happily do that for you.


Eat some lanzones

Pretty much similar in taste and appearance to lychees, lanzones are Camiguin’s local fruit that tastes really sweet and delicious. This fruit is incredibly popular among the residents of Camiguin, so much so that they even celebrate the Lanzones festival each year. The festival happens on a grand level, a grand parade is organized with street dancers sporting Lanzones-inspired costumes. The fruit is harvested between the months of September and November, so if you want to try them when they are still fresh, you should try to visit the island during these months.


Go scuba diving

Want to get an opportunity to see the incredible aquatic life? Camiguin Island will happily grant this wish of yours. There are so many wonderful diving sites in Camiguin that offer a great diving experience. The Bohol Sea gives divers plenty of diving opportunities, with each diving spot offering something unique and interesting. And as far as the diving equipment is concerned, you can rent it from the island’s dive providers at affordable prices.

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