If you’re planning to travel to the Netherlands anytime soon, you should know ceratin thinsg that will help you in making an indelible trip.
In the feed, we’ve compiled a few interesting facts that will increase your knowledge about the destination. If you want to know all the interesting facts, well, then keep on reading!


Capital City Has More Than 1,200 Bridges

The gorgeous bridges of Amsterdam are its symbol and surprisingly the capital city alone has more than 1200 bridges. The more than 1,200 bridges connect the city’s 165 canals giving the beautiful appearance to the city.
Some of them are historical bridges that are decorated with flowers and lit up in the night to add up the charm of the city. If you’re traveling to the country, you ought to visit the bridges and fetch some great shots. When you’re not getting yourself clicked at one of the bridges, it feels as if you haven’t visited the Netherlands.


The Country Is Set Under Sea Level

The Netherlands is commonly known as “the lowlands” mainly because more than one-third of the country lies under the sea level. It is the most low-lying country in the continent. And, if you’re visiting the country, you’ll mostly travel through waters.
Though there are various means of public transportation including metro, trams, and buses but the best way to explore the various destinations of the country is through the water. Surely relish a boat experience during your stay in the Netherlands.


Rent A Bicycle

When in the Netherlands live like the Dutch. The best way to explore the place is to live like the locals. And, if you’re wondering why to rent a bicycle well, then, the Dutch people love to travel around on a bicycle and thus own bicycles more than any country in the world owns.
This makes it the must-visit place for the environmentalists as you’ll be surely be amazed by this! The country ranks among the healthiest countries on the world and the reason is bicycle forms an integral part of the Dutch people. Thus, don’t forget to rent a bicycle.


Huge Party Scene

If you’re all about a fun, rocking, and entertaining destination than the Netherlands is the finest choice! The place entices the beer-lovers and party animals as the country has more pubs than any other country on the continent.
The country hosts a nocturnal nightlife for the world’s travelers stuffed with food, drinks, dance, and fun. The huge party scene makes it the perfect getaway. The largest pub of the continent, the Drie Gezusters is here in the Netherlands. Therefore, don’t forget to visit the pub and explore a national heritage site.


Multicultural Society

The country is a diverse country with a one-fifth population foreign-born. With more than four million non-Dutch backgrounds you can come across various cultures and traditions on your one trip.
The population includes people from Turkey, Surinam, Morocco, Antilles, and Aruba. Also, the cultural diversity of the country serves the world’s travelers with a diverse cuisine covering various parts of the world.
The cultural mix also makes the country the safest travel destination for the world’s travelers. Whether you’re traveling with your family or alone you’ll be heading for an absolute time of your life.

So, these are some of the interesting facts that you should know before visiting the country. These important things will help you know the place in a much better way and you’ll enjoy the trip thoroughly. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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