We talk about the most gorgeous sightseeing attractions in the world and judge them on the basis is tourists and admiration. But there are so many untamed places in the world that are recognized for a lot more reasons than mere sightseeing places and cultures. These places have been built so beautifully that you just cannot resist being there. They are full of color and vibe. Visit them for the most gothic feels and have a taste of color in its own beautiful way!


Burano, Venice, Italy

Burano is literally one of the most colorful places in the world. It is basically an archipelago that has four islands and all of them are connected by bridges. This bridge connects all of them and thus, makes a long canal area. This canal is definitely one of the most colorful places in Venice and thus, deserves to be on number one on this list. Burano is famed for its fisherman’s houses that can possibly in spotted in every color. These colors haven’t been decided randomly. They are in close sync with each other. It is by far, the prettiest city in Venice. If you are in Italy, you must not come back without visiting this one. With all colors of rainbow literally on the buildings, this one will give you the feel of being in fairytale land.


Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, SA

Cape Town is one of the most loved and visited places in the world for all the right reasons. There are so many renowned attractions and sightseeing places in Cape Town that are worthy of your time and money. But this Bo Kaap suburb in Cape Town is something else and has a contagious vibe to it. It is renowned for its vibrant houses with the brightest of colors. You can stroll through nay street in Cape Toan and all you will see is brightly-colored houses and cobbled streets. The architecture and buildings of this place are also unique and showcase traditional work. Bo Kaap is really famed for its colorful residential area and thus, is a definite visit for everyone! This cute neighborhood is a kaleidoscope of color!


Willemstad, Curacao

A UNESCO World Heritage Site that this one is, it is an extremely popular city. This is an iconic capital city in Curacao and is truly the perfect display of colorful buildings and houses. A gorgeous place with Dutch colonial buildings, it has aced all norms in being the most colorful place in Curacao. Willemstad is worth your time and money with plenty of shops and galleries that are the cutest ever. With so many places to explore, sightseeing options, restaurants, and cute cafes- everything is super colorful here. There are 750 colorful structures in this city right at the waterfront which makes the city look even more gorgeous. It deserves one vacation for all the right reasons and will literally sway you away.


La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is one of the most visited and loved cities in the world and has gained a lot of popularity and admiration for its gothic structures. Full of color and vibes, La Boca is the neighborhood place here and is worthy of your next vacation. The traditional wooden houses of this place take you back in time and make you feel close to their culture. You can explore the city and stroll through the cobbled streets on pedestrian-friendly paths. Have a look at the vibrant buildings and know the culture of this gorgeous place in wholesome. While you are there, you will also spot a couple of colorful events going on. These are all worthy of your visit and will grab your heart like nothing else!


Ilulissat, Greenland

One of the main reasons to visit Greenland is to have a feel of this gorgeous place. Ilulissat is the one place in Greenland that will grab your heart and not let go for your lifetime. Imagine plenty of houses in view with the most colorful structures and snowy peaks in the backdrop. What could be better than this? This vivid area of colorful houses is definitely the most cheerful place in Greenland and that is why you must visit this one. The best thing about the houses and buildings is that each color is meant to indicate something here. For instance, blue refers to fish factories, yellow means hospitals, and so on. You won’t spot another beautiful town like this one!

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