Festivals in Portugal That You Should Go To

The oozing colors out of a carnival are a marvel too ravishing to miss. The Iberian Peninsula, Europe is quite colorful like that. You are bound to see the many festivals that are celebrated and that keep the zeal of the locals going on. In Portugal, many festivals are celebrated throughout the year that keep the natives busy for a long. Here is a list of events that you must become a part of when you are visiting Portugal. Keep reading what to attend on your Portuguese trip.

Festivals in Portugal

1. National Agricultural Festival

Agricultural Festival

This festival is the most important one for the Portuguese natives collectively as it focuses on the agricultural economy of the country through agriculture and livestock breeding. It is held for 10 full days and hence attracts millions from around the country and beyond in Europe starting from the first Friday of June. Various games and sports come to play when people boast of their animals in the fields.

2. Super Bock Super Rock

Super Bock Super Rock

Super Bock Super Rock is a much-awaited music festival, a quarter century old. The event only takes in close ventures for 10 days until the loud music and fervent hooting has overwhelmed every bit of the natives’ and tourists’ existence. It is held every year in different cities but the passion for music stays no matter where it is based that year. The bars, restaurants, and clubs play along with the music festival mood with great music and dancing to look forward to.

3. Cascais Festival

Cascais Festival

This is a sea festival that is celebrated in Portugal that originated in the mid-20th century which the vision of celebrating. The streets of the seaside Cascais are drowned in the party fever and vibrant and loud parades join in. The festival is very loud and captivating for tourists, especially with the celebrities performing through Cascais. Outdoor music festivals are a must to attend in Europe. You would need to dress up in that very spirit too.

4. Kizomba New Year Fest

Kizomba New Year Fest

New Year fever keeps rising with the nearing of the same and the panorama gets filled with fireworks and attractive lights all over. This is just another version of New Year Festivities that culminate in the holiday festival, unfortunately, but if you are in the country around this time, Don’t go back home without witnessing this one. The days are filled with tasty street foods and a lot of dancing and singing go hand in hand.

5. Lisboa Dance Festival

Lisboa Dance Festival

The dance festival is an energetic mess with lots of work and preparation starting very early. People and dancers are dressed in a unified dress code. With the red and green costumes popping, there is much to feel marvelous about. You can have a great time attending the Lisboa Dance Festival while the dance parades go wild and boastful and the dancing synchronizes. Have your costumes ready!


You are sure to be left wanting more once you have spent significant time amidst the passion of the Portuguese celebrative mood. The charming festivals make your day instantly as you learn to be busy with your preparations. Participate! Only then you can get the most out of them. Dress up like they mean to you and see how fast you glide into that charm. Eat as you have never eaten before. Don’t click pictures and finish already. Fill your pockets with treats too.
These were the suggestions from Portugal that attracts lacs of people from different corners of the country. Make the days count!

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