You’d Love to See in Italy

Italy has been enjoying much more food festivals than you can experience in any other country in Europe. Yet, you are missing out on plenty of this decadent fervor for food. Do not hold back as we take you through the amazing ones that reflect the power of togetherness and happiness backed by the love for local foods like wine, cheese, and much more. Your most loved food items being originated here are brought up along with their experimented versions and the richness of local crafts is portrayed pretty loudly. If you like the sound of it, hop in right away and see for yourself.

1. Norcia Black Truffle Fair

Norcia Black Truffle Fair

The fair boasts of the love of the locals for the rich and spicy notes of black truffle oil that is made out of dry truffle-infused into olive oil. The enticing aroma of the truffle oil brings umami flavors to the cuisine thus prepared in it. You won’t find this ingredient elsewhere so this fair will help stock up on some for sure. You will see how truffle is procured, then used in many dishes, and also get to taste them.

2. Sagra della Nocciola

Sagra della Nocciola

Ever loved the warmth of Hazelnut so much to make a festival out of it? No ordinary man would go but here you will find one. This festival loads you with many dishes out of hazelnut and without a doubt, it grabs the attention of thousands in a go. It also has many beautiful musical concerts going on and yes, you can shop for many delectable souvenir pieces. The gleamingly colorful parades and the exodus of fireworks are worth the watch.

3. Vinitaly Exhibition

Vinitaly Exhibition

This one is the largest wine exhibition in the world which means that you are going to find all the exotic, rich, dainty, and brave flavors of wine from different parts of Italy and Europe at large. The 4-day long event takes place in spring when the fresh blossoms and rising grass oozes mild scents. The air is filled with the fervent springs of decadent wine and spirits and you must go through all of them to make your trip richer.

4. Formaggi Festival

Formaggi Festival

This festival takes place around the Formaggi cheese market famous for its sale of a quality country-made variety of cheese. The festival is organized for all the cheese lovers in and out of Italy so they come together to discover the deliciousness of Italian cheese-making and course, the cheese itself. With so many varieties of cheese to choose from, one gets baffled easily and the bag begins to fill up quickly too!

5. Feast of San Giuseppe

Feast of San Giuseppe

On St. Joseph’s Day, the feast is organized within families or across the streets for the locals and tourists to have a bite of the Italian food culture. The feast gathers thousands in the principalities where they are organized. It is the Italian standard of celebrating the pious day of Jesus;’ earthly parent Joseph, through a charitable and hospitable spirit. Just like the god sustains and cares for all his creation, Italians bring people closer together and nourish all.


When you are in Italy, do not miss out on these festivals held yearly. There is a lot of bash in the localities of Italy about all the food festivals that come in monthly to make the best out of your holiday time. Plan a trip to Italy in any month and you are likely to find yourself in the middle of festive preparation because every local is sufficiently occupied with it and equally excited about them. The most enthralling of all are the items that are exhibited throughout these festivals. So, if you have been waiting long for the holiday season, don’t be, because you are going to have a great time fuelling yourself up and shopping!

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