A beautiful country located in the southeast region of Europe, Greece, is rich in culture with beautiful architecture and landscape, all the delicious food. This place is one of the most famous travel destinations among travelers and they visit this place for its seascape, landscape, and food. This country is full of rich history and marvelous sceneries. Enjoy these with amazing Greek cuisine.

Let’s start the journey and get to know about all the delicious dishes you can eat when you are staying in this beautiful country. Give a shot to these must-try mouth-watering dishes that will make you crave more.


Let’s start the list with something sweet and famous across the world. The whole world knows about baklava and what this dish is. If you do not know baklava is a dessert made with layers and layers of dough with sweet syrup and dry fruits and nuts in it to make it very sweet. This is a perfect dish for someone who has a sweet tooth and craves sweet dishes. This dish is enriched in flavors. There are dry fruits and nuts to give a nutty flavor and then it has cinnamon and sometimes the syrup is made with sugar or rose water to give an extra sweetness to it.


There is no way you visit Greece and not try Souvlaki. This dish is available all over Greece and you can easily get this at any restaurant or any street food stall. This dish roughly translates to meat on a skewer. The meat used is usually chicken or lamb and this flavorful grilled meat is then served with either pita bread or some fries. If you are vegan or vegetarian then you can opt for some meat-free souvlaki which is made up of either eggplant or other vegetables. This is must-try street food in Greece.

Grilled octopus

Greece has a lot of seafood in its cuisine and one of the famous dishes out of all is grilled octopus. There are other places that may serve grilled octopus but the main difference in the grilled octopus served in Greece is that this dish is made fresh. The octopus is captured in the morning and then grilled on the same day. This dish is extremely fresh and rich in flavors. You can say that this dish is directly from the sea to the table. This dish should be on your list of dishes you must try when you are in Greece. Pair this dish with some wine.


What about the time when you sightseeing and get hungry or you are about to sightseeing and you get hungry? During such times this local street food comes to the rescue. This dish is a simple dish yet delicious. You can eat it on the spot or can take away with you and enjoy it while watching and exploring Greece. This simple dish is made up of roasted meat which is put on soft, fresh pita bread with some vegetables like onions, lettuce, some sauce, and freshly fried potatoes. It is then rolled up as a wrap and is ready to eat.


Started this list with a sweet dish and are going to end the list with one too. This is an ancient delicacy that is there in Greece for centuries. This dish is a Greek donut. These donuts are small and round. They are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. They are rich in flavors and are extremely sweet, ideal for someone with a sweet tooth. Try having these in breakfast with some fresh coffee or tea.

Now you know your way towards what dishes you must try in this beautiful European country. This country is rich in history and culture and has a diverse range of delicious dishes. Explore the country and its cuisine and enjoy your vacations in this alluring country. This country has a lot to offer to its visitors and you will not be disappointed when you visit this place. Experience and explore this beautiful country and get a relaxing vacation here. Do not wait and plan a trip to this stunning country not just for its cuisine but also for the scenery and experience it provides.

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