Whenever we travel to the certain place, we all want to go for the best food. And while you are traveling to Amsterdam, you need to know about the famous foods. The Netherlands isn’t known much for its foods; however, you should attempt at minimum a portion of the customary Dutch food things in the rundown beneath when you are visiting Amsterdam and The Netherlands. There are definitely many items to eat when it comes to going to Amsterdam, but we are here to provide you with the best of food options you can get in this place.
When it comes to going for the best food, you definitely can’t select only one and hence, you get these many and of course many other food options as well. Thus, for the best food out there you can get them in the restaurants in Amsterdam. To get more information about these Food you must try while spending your time in Amsterdam, read this further.

Stroop waffle

Stroop waffle is undoubtedly the most famous and popular pastry from The Netherlands, and of course is one of the most known dishes as well. A Stroop waffle is a different kind of cookie that is a waffle made from baked batter and also sliced horizontally. This contains two thin layers of the waffle that are filled with special sweet and sticky syrup which is known as Stroop, in between. If we talk about the ingredients of the stiff batter for the waffles, it is made from butter, flour, yeast, milk, brown sugar and eggs. The origin of ‘Stroop waffle’ is from Gouda, a place that is in south of Amsterdam. You will also find these Stroop Waffles in the supermarkets as well.


The Netherlands isn’t known for its spectacular food. Yet, in regards to snacks, it’s not possible for anyone to beat the Dutch! The ‘kroket’ is a broiled roll with meat ragout inside, shrouded in breadcrumbs. The normal English interpretation of’ kroket’ is croquette. The first Dutch ‘kroket’ is produced using hamburger or veal, however, there are various flavors like chicken satay, shrimps, goulash, or even a vegan ‘kroket’. You can eat a ‘kroket’ as a bite, yet more often than not they are served on cut white bread or cheeseburger buns with mustard as an afterthought. Know; the ‘kroket’ can be very hot inside. You will find this item almost everywhere in Amsterdam.


The Dutch adaptation of French Fries has various words: ‘Friet’, ‘Frites’, ‘Patat’ or ‘Vlaamse frieten’. They are thicker than the ordinary French Fries and created in the northern piece of Belgium. The Dutch truly like them particularly with a ton of fixings like mayonnaise, ketchup, curry, or nut sauce. A popular mix of souces is mayonnaise, crude slashed onions, and nut sauce and is known as a ‘patatje oorlog’ (‘fries at war’). It is scrumptious, yet it doesn’t look that way.


A customary Dutch player treat is ‘poffertjes’. They look like child hotcakes however a lot fluffier. They are made with yeast and buckwheat flour and are commonly presented with a chunk of margarine and powdered sugar. New ‘poffertjes’ are regularly made at an open-air remain during winter. They are served on a little cardboard plate and accompany a little fork. While margarine and powdered sugar are the most widely recognized garnishes; whipped cream, syrup and strawberries are likewise normal.


‘Bitterballen’ are the Dutch most loved bite and can be requested in pretty much every bistro and bar, due to its genuinely delicious blend with lager. These exquisite meat-based balls are profoundly singed and customarily presented with mustard. The ‘bitterbal’ has a crunchy breadcrumb covering with delicate filling within. Be cautious while attempting one, in light of the fact that the filling can be extremely hot. Inside the ‘bitterbal’ you will track down a combination of hamburger, meat stock, margarine, flour for thickening and flavors (bringing about a thick ragout). ‘Bitterballen’ are exceptionally indistinguishable ‘kroketten’ in their condiments, and freshness just as flavor.

Haring ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’

Haring or ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ (Dutch new herring) is presumably the most well-known Dutch food. On the off chance that you like to fish, you ought to at minimum attempt it once. The crude herring is served along with cleaved crude onions and gherkins. Additionally, the method of eating is a genuine Dutch custom. In the Netherlands new herring is gobbled by lifting up the herring by its tail into the air and afterward taking a chomp upwards. Obviously, you can likewise partake in this Dutch enjoyment by eating it in little pieces or on a sandwich called ‘broodje haring’.

Hence, these were the foods that were made with the perfect love and flavors of Amsterdam and you would definitely love them somehow.

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