France attracts many tourists every year with its unwavering culture which can be traced through cafes, village markets and bars covered with curtains with a special dish of the day written on the board every day. France is all about outstanding architecture made with ultimate art which is transcendental than another world. France is indeed the world’s top tourist destination with some 89 million visitors each year who flock to the land to feast on its astonishing wealth of museums, galleries, artist workshops and hands-on cultural experiences. There are thousands of things to do and places to explore in France. A few of them are enlisted here just for a view before travelling to the country.

Eiffel Tower: Whenever we hear the name of Paris, the mind ultimately sticks with the image of Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower at the present date is used for the purpose of communication but on the major part, it is more popular due to its majesty. Many Persian people at the very start do not actually like the Eiffel Tower at all but regardless of this the Eiffel Tower still stands as one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. The tourists here can go to the first floor of it and then the elevator is being used to move above at the height of the tower where they can enjoy the over-all view of the city. Most of the spectator love to visit Eiffel Tower in the night due to the sparkling lighting system used at the tower to give a wonderful photogenic view.



Mont-St-Michel: The Mont-Saint-Michel, just a few hours away from Paris is famous as a unique historic monument of Paris. Mont-Saint-Michel is the second most visited tourist site in France with 3.5 million visitors every year with its completely fascinated physical position, involving land, sky and sea. Many tourists just love to be alone here and try to find their inner soul which is lost in the routine materialistic affairs and enjoy the virgin beauty of the site. Trip in the day time would be much appreciated for Mont-St-Michel to feel the impression where life meets death.



Champagne: Going to Paris is a chance to discover other regional specialities and a rich cultural diversity too and visiting Champagne is an ultimate chance to grab a completely different experience as a visit to a country is incomplete until one is not aware of its cultural heritage and its people. Champagne has many places to explore such as the Mumm Winery, the Reims which were once used to crown the kings and Mercier Winery visit on the automatic running train with a guide who would translate the all visit experiences in 8 different languages. Other than these enjoying vineyards and have a treat served with champagne which is made by the local producers and feels really tastier than your usual taste.




Loire Valley: Located at the very middle of France accompanying the Loire river at a side, the Loire Valley is really a romantic place to be with your partner. The valley covers the area of 280 km in total and known as the spectacular land of fresh wines, most beautiful photographic scenery and peaceful atmosphere. French people just love this valley due to its greenery and water because both have played a significant role to maintain their culture and reputation. Not just natural scenery, it is a land of palaces and castles also, which would tell their history on its own. The main town of the valley can be found occupying huge rush and hustle bustle with its bust nightlife.



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