If there’s one place we could count on to satisfy every traveler in the world, it would be Brazil. Brazil is the largest country in South and Latin America and also the fifth most populous in the world. It is one of the few places on earth that not only offers something for everyone but also gives us the most memorable time of our lives. It has so much in store for you that you’ll talk about it for your entire lifetime. Famous for its soccer team and stars like Ronaldo, it is a major attraction for all sports and architectural lovers. Brazil is practically 517 years old since it became a republic in 1889. That’s how the ancient feel came in. With a diverse culture, fascinating history and remarkable sports, Brazil is one of the most desired destinations in the world.

There are a lot of fun things you can do in Brazil and so, we’ve narrowed them down for your convenience. Unleash the beauty of Brazil even if you happen to visit for 24 hours!

Visit the Iguaza Falls

The massive Iguaza falls are a major attraction in Brazil. They have an intriguing effect on the visitors because they are just so magnificent and beautiful. With Iguaza falls in your sight, you will forget everything else in the world. Iguaza Falls are not only a major tourist attraction but also hold a remarkable place in the geographical lines. It forms a border between Brazil and Argentina, thus it is a very prominent part of the political structure too. If you visit Brazil, you must visit this beauty and get soaked in its waters. This is truly nature’s bliss and deserves to be in the first position on our list.

Gaze at the Cathedral of Brasilia

There are a lot of breathtaking cathedrals around the world popularly in Europe and South America. But this one is not like the rest. The beauty of this Cathedral is something else. It will leave you in awe because of the way it has been structured. Standing tall since 1970, this has given a new definition to fine architecture. With lotus-like leaflets springing in the air, it looks like a white flower from a distance. All those who crave for history and love to visit architectural sites, this cathedral is your place to be! It embraces an ancient as well as modern vibe.

Soak at the Ilha Grande Beach

Visiting Brazil and not getting soaked up at this island? Well, your visit is incomplete! Ilha Grande is an island residing in Rio De Janeiro famous for weekend getaways. It is famous for white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters where you would love to soak yourself in. This place is truly a mesmerizing spot for all nature lovers because it is a totally car-free zone. Isn’t it amazing? You’ll be walking around on foot amidst the forest trails and having the rawest and natural experience of your life. Make sure to book your accommodation in advance during the summer season because this place really gets a lot of love from tourists around the world.

Trek at Aparados da Serra National Park

This one is Brazil’s first-ever national parks and deserves to be on the list for its incredible biodiversity. If you visit this place once, you’re going to remember it forever for sure. Amidst the tropical forests, you will spot beautiful waterfalls and scenic beauty. Trek at this place is just fantastic! This one is home to some of the most endangered species, thus making it a famous tourist spot! Only 1500 visitors are admitted per day who are guided by an expert throughout. You can enjoy the beauty of lush green surroundings and trek in the most beautiful hiking trails.

Go back in time at Ouro Preto

If you wish to take a journey through time, go to Ouro Preto which is home to colonial buildings made from gold. This could not have been avoided from the list because of such unique and modern buildings engraved in gold. It is famed for such amazing architecture and has left no stone unturned in building the best bridges, central squares, fountains and everything you name! This one has preserved its beauty and historical beauty for ages and so, it definitely deserves a visit!

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