A beautiful Tuscan city noted for its renaissance art and architecture and rich history surely sounds like a place that’s worth visiting. No points for guessing, it’s Florence we are talking about. A city, brimming with history and incredible art and architecture, attracts thousands and millions of visitors from different parts of the world, which mainly comprise history buffs and art lovers. But Florence is also quite popular among tourists of different interests such as romantiques, foodies, shopping-fanatics, etc.

In this super charming city, you will always find something to adore or admire. Its laid-back atmosphere, beauty, and mystery make it a fantastic place to explore. That said, while Florence isn’t the first place to come to any traveler’s mind when it comes to Italy, you may have a completely different mindset after visiting this place, and it might also become one of your favorite travel destinations, that’s what a single visit to this city can do to you.
If you are still wondering why out of all the cities in Italy you should be visiting Florence, we have got some incredible reasons for you that may convince you to plan a trip to this amazing city right away.


Visit some of the world’s best museums

Whenever you think of Florence, art automatically comes along, and that’s why they say you cannot separate Florence from its art. Florence has been home to some of the world’s finest painters and sculptors such as da Vinci, Michelangelo, and more, this was during the renaissance. The original and very stunning works created by the painters and sculptors have been housed in different museums in the city. Of all the galleries and museums, the Uffizi Gallery is a must-visit; it displays an unparalleled collection of works by old masters.


Lip-smacking food

Italian food is one of Italy’s main specialties, and Florence is an excellent place to sample some really delicious Italian cuisines. Apart from Italian dishes, you can also relish Tuscan dishes. The city is packed with several restaurants offering a plethora of Italian and Tuscan specialties. If you like having meat, then you should definitely try Florence’s signature dish, bistecca alla Fiorentina. And as far as pasta is concerned, you can try any type of pasta dish, and you certainly won’t be disappointed. As for the dessert, you have got to try the very famous gelato.


…And some wine

Food and wine in Florence go hand in hand, regardless of the meal you are having. Every meal tastes differently and even better with a glass of wine, so make sure to order some wine whenever you fancy. There are many varieties of wine, but Chianti is one of the best options to consider, it not only tastes good but is also pretty affordable. You can also take winery tours or go wine tasting in this part of the city, and we assure you, it will be a great experience.


Santa Maria del Fiore- the crowning jewel of the city

Santa Maria del Fiore is easily Florence’s best-known and most popular tourist attraction. Visible from several rooftops of the city, the cathedral is the crowning jewel of Florence. While you can admire the architecture of this huge cathedral anytime, if you are planning to explore the interiors of the Duomo, you will have to wait in a long queue. Therefore, you should plan your visit to this place accordingly.


Endless places to shop

When in Florence, you can’t just go home without indulging in some shopping. The streets of Florence are packed with endless shopping places; you can also find some luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, etc. Whether you want to indulge in street shopping or luxury shopping, you will find plenty of places to shop throughout the city.

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