Barcelona is a remarkable and socially rich city. You come here for 1,000 reasons: its football club, its heavenly seashores, its Mediterranean air, and particularly its nightlife and gastronomy. In any case, the guest realizes that he will find significantly more. Barcelona is considerably more than an ocean side objective, it is the city of pioneers, of the exceptional draftsman Antoni Gaud, of incredible specialists like Picasso, Miro, Tpies, creators, and performers. Barcelona isn’t gone to the past, it is a city moving, consistently unique, imaginative, and fun. For instance, it keeps on drawing in youngsters and new businesses who comprehend that you can study, work and live enjoyably in this enchanting mixture. One of the numerous things’ individuals come to Barcelona to see is the awesome engineering of the well-known Antonio Gaudi. The structures planned by this legend are dispersed all around the city, however, you will see everyone for its uniqueness. Hence, here are some of the Great places to visit in Paris of Spain – Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

Architect Antoni Gaudí, who devoted a large part of his life to this place, Sagrada Familia is impossible to miss the most emblematic monument of the city. This architect was very religious and close to nature, and he made a combination of functional elements, modernist aesthetics, and religious symbols. The incomparable style of this place makes it a wonderful place to visit and it would live rent-free in your mind once you visit here. It will take around two hours to visit the whole place, and that does not include your tickets, the tours, and the museum as well.

Camp Nou

One more sanctuary of the city, its popular Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona arena. It very well may be visited start to finish. With a limit of 98,772 spots, it is the biggest arena in Europe equipped for facilitating Champions League finals. Camp Nou Tour keeps going for 2 hours it will lead you from its gallery towards its yard and its stands while passing by the evolving rooms, the passage of the press, its house of prayer, and numerous other legendary spots for a football fan. We end with the FC Barcelona shop to finish his assortment of shirts and many frills. It is the biggest FCB store on the planet.

Casa Milà (Pedrera)

La Casa Mil known as La Pedrera (the quarry) since its facade reminded Gaud’s counterparts that this bizarre structure shared little practically speaking with the thought they had at the hour of a house. It has crossed time in the entirety of its magnificence. Count two hours to visit its porch, its gallery and comprehend how much its creator was a worldwide visionary: from the superstructures of the spot to furniture or straightforward entryway handles.

la Casa Batlló

You unquestionably know about its superb polychrome exterior of pottery and glass. This work was appointed by Josep Batlló in 1904 and is a fanciful excursion into the creative mind of a naturalist, Gaudi. From the winged dragon-formed rooftop to the littlest enlivening subtleties, you are at the core of Catalan Art Nouveau and its best chief. It is an extraordinary visit that anticipates you with a sound clarification in English that will permit you to comprehend the nuances and references of this spot.

Park Güell

Gell Park was bound to turn into a “garden city”. Gaud’s titanic venture was rarely wrapped up. It remains today as it was then, at that point: two houses and the recreation center. An otherworldly spot that will cause you to find the absolute most lovely images of the city to cite for instance the well-known lizard in mosaic or the huge porch encompassed by undulating seats which offers a stunning sight not too far off.

Picasso Museum

The shadow of the best Master of Modern canvas looms over Barcelona. As an understudy, he idealized his “traditional” strategy however was before long drawn in by Catalan Modernism, its nights at the “Els Quatre Gats” and its bohemian climate. This city will stay the city of his heart, where he showed his first works. The gallery gives recognition to him in the core of the El Born district in 5 huge houses and castles on Montcada. A visit that will permit you to find a huge assortment of his works of youth (1890-1917), yet additionally the Meninas or Harlequin.

Thus, these are some of the great places to visit in Barcelona.

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