This iconic capital of Austria is a blend of everything you have been looking for. Rich in art and culture, gothic architecture and historic sites, you will be stunned by this beautiful city. It features a lot of cathedrals, music shows and some incredible attractions that are totally worth your visit. Set on the east of the Danube river, Vienna carries on the legacy of some renowned musicians. This capital city has some really interesting stories to it that you can explore once you visit this place. Take a look at this list of beautiful places in Vienna that you must visit on your next trip to Vienna.


The Hofburg

Amongst all the palaces in Vienna, this one holds the most significance for a lot of reasons. Being one of the historic palaces in Vienna, this one is a gorgeous built. It is the residence of the President of Austria and that’s why holds a lot of significance there. The exterior is marvelous and the interiors are incredible. This palace is not just an epitome of beauty but is also features a lot of other things like fancy museums, cute cafes, and lush green parks extending up to a long stretch. The enormous area of 59 acres has 2,600 rooms along with the famous Spanish Riding school that adds to the power of this iconic structure. The Hofburg is a gorgeous palace that will take you back in time where you can spot relics from the Holy Roman Empire.


Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens

This gorgeous 18th-century palace is totally worth your visit. With lush greenery scattered to a distance till your eyes stretch and spectacular architecture, the Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna. With intricate interiors, this palace features as many as 1400 rooms that you can view with a tour guide. During this tour, you will get to visit and spot a lot of other attractions like the Imperial Apartments that hold historic significance. Recognized as a World Heritage Site, this one has been an extremely gorgeous architectural site in Vienna that deserves every inch of your time and your penny. Do not skip this one because you will have a great time here for sure.


St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Standing tall since 1722, this is one of the oldest and gothic cathedrals in Vienna. If you are in Vienna, you must visit this one and make your stay worthwhile. This cathedral also provides an aerial view from the top. The entire city can be seen from this top and it is totally worth it. The best thing about this cathedral is that it has a lot of music events and concerts happening inside its premises during the evening. This is one of the reasons that the crowd is attracted to this one. St. Stephen’s Cathedral has a really gothic architecture that dates back to the 12th century and has the second-largest chimed bell as well. If you love to steep into history and architecture, then this one should be on your list for sure.


Vienna zoo

All those animal and wildlife lovers will love this one. Another World Heritage Site, this Vienna zoo is the oldest in the world and was founded in 1752. This zoo is totally worth your visit because it features some of the most exotic wildlife creatures living in their habitat. You can visit with your friends and family and have a great experience. The Vienna Zoo is very popular for its beauty and is also one of the most gorgeous zoos in Europe. From giant pandas to Siberian tigers and elephants, you will have a great time seeing them in the lush greenery of this zoo. If you love adventure, then this zoo is a must for every traveler.


Vienna city hall

Known as the Wiener Rathaus amongst the locals, this Vienna city hall is one of the most gorgeous sites there. The construction of this Vienna city hall took thirty million bricks. One of the most popular and well-visited architecture sites in Vienna, this one has been an imperative site since ever. This place has become the municipal administration in Vienna right now and features a lot of concerts and balls inside its premises. With beautiful staterooms, you will be astonished by the interiors and would love to gaze at it. Click a lot of pictures with your family here and remember this one for a lifetime.

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