Millions of people travel Las vagas each year. Billions are spent into there well-placed casinos and hotels. Luxury comes at a price, isn’t it?

It’s usually a myth that Las vegas in only for riches and the Upper-Class society who can spend lavishly without any worry afterward. Or who have there father’s free income to spend or who have so much that they need a place to waste.

Money, whether more or less is simply an asset. A person was asked what is the definition of rich or poor? The person happily said that if your income is more than your expenditure, you are definitely one rich dude, and if your income falls beyond the conventional expenditure, no matter what your bank balance show, you will be one rich dude.

The meaning of this whole story was that one can enjoy nightlife and the riches of grand 5-star hotels of Las Vegas without going too much worried about money.

Let’s go to Las Vegas then,

Tip #1- Bellagio Hotel & Casino – A simple google search shows it the most sought after place in Las vegas, USA.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino

The place boasts of huge fountain show, a botanical garden. Rooms are pure luxury that you could have ever dreamt of, Drinks are on table 24×7. Your rooms come with a huge bathtub that soaks off your tiredness slowly and deeply. There is also a casino available but needs that big luck. Worth a try though. Rooms are available in budget also.

The catch here is that – Casino is nothing but gambling. You may win or you may lose all at a go. So you need to be very careful while playing Casino. Many people, even those who are quite sensible otherwise just can’t let go of their personal ego and spend money foolishly. Don’t be one and it’s all yours.

Tip #2- Luxor Hotel & Casino – A very huge lavishly built Egyptian pyramid themed Hotel cum Casino. The hotel is huge inside and packs a lot of room. It also comes with a complimentary drinking space, a big pool, and a casino.

Luxor Hotel & Casino

Though recently it’s ratings are plunging down but it’s anyway  a great place to gamble your luck. The hotel is pretty much full so plan carefully and accordingly to avoid chaos and rush.

Tip here is quite simple – Book your hotel in advance. Do compare all booking websites as prices usually hike. Some festival seasons like Christmas and new year saw huge gatherings at the premises. Rates are sharply hike that time. If you are on a budget, please avoid such hike season.

Tip #3- MGM Grand A very huge Hotel cum Thundering clubs place. The place has endless games, party sets, clubs, spa centers.

MGM Grand

Many great shows happen here and there are thousands of ways to entertain yourself. Copperfield show held recently saw a huge spike of viewers and was a huge hit.

Tip – Shows are great to watch but you can save a lot if done correctly. Firstly, tickets to shows are available at both booths and online as well. Compare prices well or you can search for yourself. A proper search can save you hundreds if not thousands.

Another thing to watch is that the Food prices inside the show can be very high even for normal things like alcohol and popcorn. So keep that in mind and you may come to show by eating beforehand.

Tip #4- The Mirage – You are going to love this place. The place punches energetic dolphin shows, beautiful and well-priced rooms. Though it may not be as ostentatious as the wynn, but you are going to love the vibe.

The Mirage

You can also see volcano bursts, one of their main attractions at fixed times.

The hotel fulfills all your desires and sparks. A must visit place.

Tip – We recommend this place especially if you are on a low budget. The reason is pretty simple. Hotel is surrounded by inexpensive eating outlets  (McDonald’s, Subways). The Pharma shops are also close and the place is well surrounded by casinos all around. ( This subtracts your traveling cost)

Tip #5- Fremont Street Experience – Love to be old school, eh? Well, many people miss the old-time vegas. By old time we mean, the old school casinos and light show going around. It’s one of the loveliest experience.

Fremont Street Experience

Some great shows will make your stay at Vegas worth the visit. A person throws cherry in air and catches with a toothpick. Another person shows some spectacular fiery fire shows that could bring an aww moment to almost anyone.

Tip – If you are a newbie and want to just test the casino, we recommend you to go here. The minimums are lowest on the table compared to the strips.

These were some of those tips which will make you enjoy the luxuries of  Las vegas without spending much or burning a hole to your pocket. Obviously, the place is costly compared to other states but it’s still worth a visit!

Stay tuned for more.

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