One of the oldest civilizations known to humans, this county has such immense history and culture to explore and learn. Not only is its culture and history intriguing but the landscapes are something that attracts tourists. This desert country has a huge number of tourists visiting this country to explore the amazing Nile River, the great pyramids, the red sea coast, its stunning beaches, the amazing Egyptian cuisine, and so much more. This country has so much to offer to its visitors. You can go on a trek through the Sahara desert and enjoy the view of the natural oasis in the desert.

If you are looking for what to do when you are here, then look at the list below to get some ideas about where you can go and what you can do in Egypt.

Visiting the pyramids and sphynx at Giza

These need no introduction. The whole world knows the famous pyramids that are here in Egypt. These pyramids like on the outskirts of the town and are such a wonderful marvel. These are built around the 2500bc and can be said to be some of the oldest buildings on earth. There are three absolutely stunning pyramids with the sphynx with its human-like features beside them. You can reach them by either foot or camelback. One cannot miss visiting some of the oldest buildings in the world.

Exploring the Valleys of the Kings

This can be said as one of the amazing archeological sites in the world. These lie on the west of the famous river Nile. This valley of the kings has stunning tombs, cut into cliffs, hills, and mountains. These royal tombs had pharaohs buried here. This is an amazing site to explore Egyptian history and mythology. You can get to visit the chambers where you can see religious texts and reliefs. You can explore the rock-cut corridors and have an amazing experience of visiting these tombs and seeing the burial chambers and the scenes from Egyptian mythology.

Camping at White Desert National Park

If you are looking for something surreal and want to have an awe-struck experience then you should plan a camping trip to White Desert National Park. This national park is one of the unique and stunning landscapes of Egypt and is situated to the west of the country. Here you can see some chalk rock formations and a stunning crystal mountain. You can have a surreal view of the area when you visit the twin peaks. This is made by the accumulation of desert sand and winds with time. It is a beautiful place to camp as this place gets stunning during sunset and sunrise and when the stars twinkle at night.

Scuba diving at Ras Mohammed

This stunning southernmost part of the Sinai peninsula surrounded by the red is now a national park. The contrast of the landscape and the sea makes it interesting for travelers. While the area above is all covered with sand and just some hues of brown and green, life under the water is an alluring thing to explore. You can go around and scuba dive or go snorkeling explore life underwater. You can go snorkeling around the famous Yolanda reefs. Swim along with some beautiful fish. You can also enjoy some time on the beach and around the area.

A day at Egyptian Museum

Spend some time at the Egyptian museum and get to look at the artifacts, mummies, statues, jewels, and whatnot. This museum has stunning artifacts and can be said to be one of the extensive collections you can find here. This museum has alluring grand galleries that hold upto thousands of objects such as sculptures and treasures, decorated furniture, and many more jeweled items.


Now you know what activities you can do when you are here. You can explore the ancient ruins of the earliest civilizations, you can go around and explore the desert and enjoy your time on stunning beaches, visiting the great pyramids, enjoying the city life of Egypt, and experiencing new things. This is a beautiful country to visit where you can enjoy every moment of yours visiting different places, participating in different activities, and enjoying your trip. Plan your trip to this country and enjoy your vacations here.

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