Greece is one of the most amazing destinations in the world with striking picturesque views. It features a blend of ancient ruins and modern structures. Greece is officially known as the Hellenic Republic and has always been one of the most loved places because of its distinct beauty. If you look at the pictures, you will see what we mean. It is as beautiful as it looks in photos with sandy beaches, white-washed houses, and radiant sunsets. A southeastern European country with a plethora of islands and places to see, Greece is the birthplace of democracy. It is known for its striking views, artistic features and one of the best philosophers in history! If you are planning a visit to this most loved destination in Europe, you must know about a list of places that are must-visit in Greece.

You can explore plenty of islands here and hop from one to another. You can visit the ancient ruins at Delphi or enjoy the culture at Crete. Whatever it is, every place here is worth-visiting. Have a look!


The capital city of Greece is surely not to be missed if you are in Greece. Athens is the birthplace of democracy and has been holding its ground for more than 3000 years. It has that element of ancient ruins and historic buildings with some really amazing monuments. If you have a zeal for history, architecture, pre-historic buildings, then Athens is your place to be. If you step in the land of Athens, you will feel a vibe and world of its own. There is something very tricky in this place because it lures everyone who happens to visit there. Athens is the land of archeological ruins with a great history behind it. You can visit famous monuments like The Parthenon and Ancient Agora for the best experience.


This one is the largest island among all the islands in Greece and you will be stunned by its beauty. With exotic sightseeing and colorful landscape views in your sight, this place will turn out to be blissful for everyone! Crete is a package of hustle-bustle as well as peaceful places to relax in. You can have a great view of mountain peaks as well as a beautiful coastline with blue waters. The city of Crete has a lot of beautiful attractions and eateries for its visitors. You can spend a good amount of time here enjoying the food and vibe at local coffee shops and strolling in quiet villages. This is also a hub of archeological sites so all the history lovers are at ease!


A visit to Greece is incomplete if you haven’t placed your food on the grounds of Santorini. Ironically, if you’re in Santorini, your feet will not be on the ground because it will blow you away with its beauty. As picturesque as it looks in the pictures, so it is in real life. Santorini is a glamorous island and everyone loves it for all the right reasons. This place is wild and lively with a playful and quirky vibe. The best of the best island in Greece, Santorini is the showstopper! This one has a signature style to it with the most beautiful houses, streets, and lifestyle. Locals are great to talk to and you have to simply stroll on the streets to enjoy the scenic of this beauty!

Delphi island

The island of Delphi is another archeological hub where you can have a great holiday, as well as a sneak-peek into the historic period. Delphi is a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site located at a distance of two and a half hours from Athens and has awestruck beauty in its surroundings. Delphi is also called Pytho and is an ancient sanctuary with rich archeological monuments and sites. There is a very famous place known for its ancient Greek religious sanctuary and home to the oracle of Appolo. The Appolo predictions have proved to be a helpful and ultimate guide for everyone.


The second-largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki is the capital city of the Macedonian region. This one os the ultimate party destination for all the locals and tourists. You will know it once you step in this land and feel the vibe. The nightlife is crazy, the people are lively and the place is just extraordinary! Thessaloniki is a blend of both ancient and commercial buildings. It is a complete package with all the features of a perfect day spot, crazy nightlife, sneak-peak into history and what not! This will give you unmatched memories with amazing galleries, art museums, quirky streets, and full-package entertainment.

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