Mexico is one of the most populous metropolitan city in the US and has a blend of economic as well as cultural values. There is a lot more in store than one can imagine. With so many worthy attractions as well as delicious food, this one has aced in having the most exotic lifestyle. If you are in Mexico, you must explore the streets and try out the best cuisines here. Make sure you taste all of them for the best experience ever. Have a look and do not give these dishes a miss while you are in the land of Mexico!


Mexico’s most popular breakfast dish is this Chilaquiles made from fried corn. Chilaquiles is the most loved dish here and will be seen in every other restaurant for obvious reasons. The presentation is amazing, the taste is superb. You will feel this taste on your tongue for a really long time. This dish involves the use of fried corn tortillas that are cut into quarter pieces first. These tortilla pieces are then sprinkled and layered with green or red salsa sauce to add a spicy touch to the dish. And the layering doesn’t stop here. Further, it is topped with scrambled eggs or chicken. At last, cheese and cream are added for the perfect mouth-watering taste. This layering is because this is the perfect breakfast dish for all the residents there.
Where to eat: Grab it at the Cafebrería El Pénduloa for the best Chilaquiles in town!


Pozole is a pre-historic dish in Mexico and has a lot of cultural significance associated with it. It was used as a part of ritual sacrifices in the past and is a very loved dish in Mexico. Pozole is basically a soup dish prepared with meat and hominy. Since it is a traditional dish, it is made with a combination of different flavors from many different eras. When you have this one, you actually go through a lot of overwhelming feelings and just cannot stop at one sip. One of the most popular Mexican cuisines that it is, it is further garnished with a lot of vegetables like lettuce, peppers, onion, garlic, radish, and avocado. You can have a great taste of Pozole with salsa or lime and enjoy your meal.
Where to eat: Benito’s Authentic Mexican restaurant for the best traditional taste.

Tacos al Pastor

As the name suggests, this dish has taco as a basic ingredient and that’s the best thing about it. Tacos are basically soft tortillas baked with some other delicious ingredients to create the perfect dish. Tacos al Pastor is one of the most popular dishes here and you definitely can’t leave Mexico without trying this one. If there is something unique associated with this, it would be the use of pork. This tortilla bread is sliced and piled with marinated pork. Vegetables like onions along with dips and sauces are used to create layers and a good paste for top layering. A classic taco al pastor is served in almost all the restaurants because it has a lot of admiration. Grab it and you are sure to remember it forever.
Where to eat: El Tizoncito serves the best ones!


Another delicious Mexican cuisine on the list. Gorditas is basically a pastry made from a disc of corn dough. It is oval in shape with a very yummy filling of cheese and meat. These two tastes come together to curate the most amazing dish in Mexico. You will love this one as it is fried as well as very crispy. Stuffed with potato, this one is a staple food item here and is consumed by the masses. If you are in Mexico, you must grab a bite of this unique dish because it will be something you have never consumed before. A lot of ingredients and fillings come together to make this dish. Different Gorditas have different flavors according to the country they are being served in. So, why not start with Mexico?
Where to eat: El Famoso is a corner stand in Mexico that serves the most greasy and authentic Gorditas.


Nonetheless, this is one of the most important dishes that you have to try in Mexico. Quesadillas are a very renowned dish and are served in every corner of the world. Since their origin is Mexico, they have to be the best there. Quesadillas are basically another type of taco and are filled with cheese as a prime ingredient. Different Quesadillas are made using different ingredients in various countries. They can be prepared using meat, beans, and other vegetables. A lot of spices and sauces are also added for a blend of flavors. Literally meaning ‘little cheesy thing’, this one must never be consumed without it.
Where to eat: Ricas Quesadillas for the local taste or Tianguis Condesa for a refined taste.

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