Whenever we heard about Mexico, the unusual things come in mind are dangerous, unsafe, populated, crowdy etc.     Of course, the image what city is having is really stuck to individuals’ mind and therefore many people scared to be at such kind of places, we all expect a trip to be relaxed and enjoyed not a kind of dreadful experience but it is not really true about Mexico. Mexico is a beautiful fresh city with lots of excitement and fun inside offering to its people. The Mexican cuisines are world famous and you would find the best taste from the street vendors. Big restaurants, hotels, shopping malls are available at many different costs. People in Mexico are very friendly in nature and you would really love to learn about their culture if spend some time. Tourists places in Mexico are:

Xochimilco: It is a perfect place to spend a beautiful time at the weekends and tourists would definitely enjoy their day here. At canal, you can enjoy the decorative boat named as Trajineras giving a feel of Gondola altogether enjoy the floating gardens in the canal. Xochimilco, the most colourful city with a bundle of colours than you may have seen in whole life, is considered as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1857 and would always found to be filled with Iris flowers. Explore the small manmade island too named by Chinampas which is famous for growing vegetables, plants and flowers.



The Island of Dead Dolls: This island is very near to the Xochimilco and a tourist place for the brave and adventurous people. This place is said to be haunted and even tourists remarks after visiting the place that the dolls hung over the whole island use to whisper with them. A Mexican man, who found a dead body of a girl near the canal was scared and felt that the ghost of that girl was chasing him. Out of that superstition, he started hanging dolls on the trees nearby because of the thought that those dolls would save him from the ghost. The dolls on this island are very old and the tourists who use to visit this place also hang new dolls there. This island is not a very favourite tourist attraction for all because of its history. It is 2 hours run from Mexico City through the canal way.

Historic Centre, Mexico: The Historic centre in the city of Mexico is renowned as World Heritage by UNESCO. Attracting the maximum number of tourists this place is really very beautiful blessing the city with its charm. You can surf the shopping malls inside the historic hall and the restaurants as well. It is the largest Historic Centre in the UNESCO list. It is firstly divided into zones and then in blocks occupying the capacity of bearing almost 100,000 people at a time. It contains 9000 buildings and was constructed during the 16th to 20th century.

Chapultepec: Chapultepec is a forest park and the largest park on the western land. Occupying 686 hectares of land it is one of the attractions among tourists. This park consists of the valley of Mexico, a castle made in the colonial period and a web of trees which provides fresh air to the whole city of Mexico. The castle in the Chapultepec has become the residence of the state heads of Mexico. The important tourists’ attractions in the forest/park are the castle, an Anthropology Museum, a zoo and Art Museum.


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