The longest water coastline in the world, more than 11 thousand lakes, 19 million-acre of jungle flourishing all through the state, and all over the year exciting festivals make Michigan a complete package, worth vacationing. Michigan is a perfect place nestled in the Midwestern part of the globe. If you want to initiate your solo traverse or plan a romantic honeymoon or relish a family trip or plot a travel escape with your friends, Michigan savors the purpose of all.

The interesting sites, breathtaking panorama, plenty of cheerful festivals happening any time you board to the state, end number of outdoor recreational activities soaks up the world’s traveler with an indelible experience. The place brims with never have done bustles and never had experiences. You can thrill on dune rides; engage in a fossil hunting, delight in duck boat rides, and striking island exploration, we bet you can’t even imagine what the place throws at you.

If you have an adventure bone in your body that just looks for adventuring and thrilling ventures than this place definitely needs to be pinned as your next go-to destination. You know what they say nothing ventured is nothing gained. Still, not sure about the place, here is the exquisiteness of the state that will surely convince you. So, let’s jump into the reasons you should book it as your next travel destination.


Zehnder’s Splash Village

This place surely needs to be at the top of the must-visit attractions of Michigan. It’s the perfect place to spend with your families and friends as it drenches you with fun, thrill, and excitement. The Zehnder Splash Village is a water park spread over more than 50,000 square feet of area. The park serves with thrilling swings, waterlogged activities, beach entry pool, raft rides, and whatnot. It’s the perfect destination to spend your day. You will find restaurants and hotels in the village so that you can stodge the delectable foods in the end.


Stride around the Tunnel Park

Who all doesn’t love to gaze at the sunset especially if that is at a beach? The Tunnel Park is a park that goes through a Tunnel that’s probably you all have guessed through the name but what you cannot crack is the spectacular view of beach sunset the place offers. This park is one of the best places to get a glimpse of dusk. You can come with your family, your partner, or alone to expand your soul with the sun going down. And no more praises as rest we leave on your insight.


Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

This place is the quintessential site of Michigan. Exploring the Pictures Rocks National Lakeshore will infuse you with a lifetime experience that you will find Michigan to be worth traveling. The Lakeshore is filled with the world’s most beautiful scenery with waterfalls beaches that we bet you can’t find in any other corner of the world. This peninsula destination is not only blessed with charismatic vistas but plenty of recreational sports activities. You can experience kayaking tours, water hiking trails, diving, snorkeling all year round and ice climbing and snowshoeing only in winters.



This place is incredibly breathtaking and it would not be wrong to claim this as the pure Michigan charm. The Michigan town throws at you a colorful spectacular landscape with a bunch of fun opportunities to indulge in. Skipping this small town is like you have wasted your entire Michigan itinerary. You can pick fruits and blueberries, hike, enjoy water sports, swim, experience Tulips blossom, and others never have done activities. And not to forget the place is perfect for your intsa feed too.


Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

If you love to capture panoramic vistas then the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore brims with incredible shots to capture. The place offers an experience of solitude with immense beauty spreading all over your vision can spot. The place is filled with lush forests and lovely lakes where you can indulge in hiking and kayaking.

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