Moscow, the most populous and capital city of Russia, is truly one of the most extraordinary places to visit in the whole world. It offers a very unique and memorable experience to every traveler with the amount of things they can see and do here. It is not only the largest city in the world but it is also the most expensive one. There are a lot of attractions for one to see in the city which helps you to get familiar with the city’s glorious culture and past.

While it’s quite a common sense that one should abide by all the rules that one ought to follow in a different nation but different countries call for a different travel advice and when it comes to Moscow, they tend to follow their own set of rules that are meant to be followed by all the travelers. However, if it’s your first time traveling to Moscow then you should definitely go through this article where we have listed some traveling tips for you that will make your trip to the city a breeze and hassle-free.

Use aeroexpress

If you want your trip to the city go easy and hassle-free then you should definitely take the help of aeroexpress that can make traveling so much easier and smooth. Whether moving from one city to another or transiting between the two destinations, aeroexpress takes lesser time to help you reach the destination and it is also a pretty convenient and rapid mode of transportation that you can use in the city. Most of the tourists prefer taking these rides to reach the destination without any hassle and also to save themselves from getting tired in the process of covering all the tourist attractions.

Set your budget beforehand

Moscow is an expensive city and it’s vital to form a budget beforehand to make sure that things go in order when you’re in the city and you don’t face any kind of financial issue. Set your budget for every little thing including, accommodation, food, shopping, traveling, etc. so that you don’t end up overspending on certain things which can cause you inconvenience later on. And always make sure to carry back up cash, just in case of emergency use.

As for accommodation, you can find many different rented apartments and hotels, which you can choose as your finances allow. If you aren’t much into residing in one of those lavish hotels, then there are so many other accommodation options that you can find at affordable prices.

Indulge in delicious cuisines

Amongst the whole range of delicious cuisines that are served in the city, Georgian food is one of the most popular food items that is preferred along with some wine. All these Georgian dishes are prepared differently using different items, so before placing the order for your food, make sure to go through the detailed menu and find what all items and methods are being used in the making of the food. You can visit different restaurants and local cafes to taste new and different cuisines.

Be wary of pickpockets

Just like any other country, Moscow city is also full of pickpockets that mostly find the tourists to be their easy target. This is why you will have to be very careful with your belongings especially your wallet, cash, or any other important document. They are very clever and quick with their handwork and can easily pull the tricks without letting the other person know about it. Be extra careful in the crowded areas and tourist places as the chances of you being their next target increases very easily. Always carry your belongings in a bag that you can keep close to your body.

Don’t take your passport everywhere with you

Pickpocketing being one of the biggest threats in the city, you should strictly avoid carrying your passport with you at every place as getting it stolen or lost is the last thing you would want to encounter. However, you can carry a photocopy of the passport just in case you get stopped by the police for any reason, and in that scenario, they can ask you for your passport. You can also photocopy all other important documents including your travel visa or anything concerning your stay in the country.

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