Surfing is not just a sports activity for some people, it is their passion and thrill. It offers some of the most enthralling experiences ever with the most amazing views as well. Bali is a hub of some of the best waves in the world and that’s why we have enlisted major surf spots in this gorgeous land. Head to this contagious place and indulge in these adventurous activities for the utmost thrill. Make sure you visit each one of them and enjoy the enthralling views of Bali!



Famous for its beaches, Bali offers an unconventional holiday for all its visitors. If you are looking for the perfect surf spot in Bali, look no further! Uluwatu in Bali is the most sought-after and craziest place in Bali and offers world-class surfing activities. There is a factor of so much fun and happy vibe in this spot that you would not want to leave this place. But the only thing that keeps families and untrained surfers away from this place is that it experiences very high tides and thus, it is recommended for intermediate or expert surfers only. It could be very risky for others to get into the water here and go water sporting. Otherwise, the views are spectacular, the vibe is scintillating and there is no dull moment here. Surfers everywhere, you are going to have a great time!


Padang Padang

This famous spot in Bali is again not for beginners. It is popularly known for its long tube rides which will give the ultimate thrill of your life. Because the waves are high, you must plan your surf carefully. Padang Padang has some very unique features and one of them includes its sharp reef bottoms. So, it is definitely not for those learners and beginners. Although expert surfers can have a great time here and begin surfing right away without putting in much thought. The waves are extremely thrilling and some of them go as high as 12 feet. If you are someone who loves to tap this adventurous side, then you are in the right place. It is crowded all the time because of the adventure factor and thus, you must plan your visit accordingly.


Balangan Beach

This beautiful white sand beach is one of the topmost favorite beaches for visitors as well as localities. If there is one place that offers the ultimate thrill for left-handers, it would be this exotic beach. Intermediate surfers can have a great time here because it has a mix of high and low tides. You can hop on the paddleboard and set on to conquer the waters. Surfing is not the only thing this beach is famous for. It is a breathtaking sight too with its tunning palm beaches, white sands stretched to a distance as far as your eyes go and sun shining in all its glory right above our heads. The best thing about this one is that it is not very crowded and gives you a great time to have the water to yourself. This left-hander beach is definitely a must-visit for all those who love thrill along with some spectacular views.


Bingin Beach


Bingin Beach does justice to all the possible beauty in Bali because it offers the most beautiful views of the entire place. It is a great place to visit and more so, for peace and thrill as well. Giving you the best of both worlds- this beach is great for surfing as well as for nature lovers. It has some really gorgeous views in your sight that will take your breath away. Nature lovers can sip their morning tea gazing at the rising sun and surfers can get on the paddleboard to experience a wave adventure. It is a great place for all kinds of surfers- beginners, amateurs and experts. There is something for everyone out there and that is why you must visit this one for sure!



Considered one of the best waves in Bali for right-handers, this one offers the most amazing experience of your life. Located on the east coast, Keramas is an endless black-sand beach with so many palm trees in your sight. You can go surfing here whenever you want but the best thing about this place is that it features various sports activities an competitions as well. Competitions like Billabong and Oakley are a regular here and gather a lot of crowd for all the fun and excitement. Other than surfers, the crowd is seen chilling on the sure and watching the water dance in tides. One can enjoy the stunning views of this place and have the most amazing time of their trip!

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